Vizio E0i-A1 Is an Average Priced SmartTV That Works Wonders

Jaycee De Guzman August 27, 2013 0
Vizio E0i-A1 Is an Average Priced SmartTV That Works Wonders


Vizio recently released its new line of LED TVs this year. The company has kept quiet for a few years and suddenly released two new lines of its new television models – the M series and the E series. After comparing the two, the E series has the lowest price. It may be low-priced television sets but the features are surprising and are more than enough to compete with the high-end televisions.

One of the E series models is the Vizio E0i-A1. It is an LED TV and a SmartTV. It is introduced by the company as its entry level for the E series. However, the amazing features are just spectacular and most of its feedbacks are all satisfying. You may not even notice that it’s the first entry of the E series because it works like a high-end one.

It has a minimalistic design though it isn’t super slim like the ones that belong to the M series. However, you can really say that it doesn’t belong to the SmartTVs of today, which look like smartphones already because of the sleek and slim designs they have. Its remote control has the same buttons and functions with all of the other Vizio SmartTVs. But it lacks more lighting and you won’t be able to recognize the buttons in dim lighting.

Vizio E0i-A1 Is an Average Priced SmartTV That Works Wonders 2


Having been mentioned that it’s a SmartTV, it has all the applications fitted for its capacity and price. There are so many contents that you can find in the application page and you can always watch and choose shows from different internet cable providers. Vizio has also added the convenience of using Skype in this SmartTV. However, there’s a need to purchase more expensive cameras or speakers from trusted suppliers like Pandora, TuneIn Radio and Rhapsody.

The picture quality is decent enough and is just worthy of the price you’re paying for. Its picture quality appears to be more than what a basic TV can offer. However, the colors appear to be more reddish than being neutral. But that is just a minor glitch that you can always solve any time by adjusting the color and picture settings of the television.

Overall, it’s a good investment to buy this television. It costs less than $500 and works like a thousand dollar television. If you want to purchase a SmartTV that can perform really well with an average price, then this SmartTV might just be for you.

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