An Unending Discussion: Will the PS4 Remote Play Work on the First Day?

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0

Remote Play on Sony Playstation devices has long been promised. It is a feature on some PlayStation models. This feature allows users to have access to files on their PlayStation Consoles. This is something that PlayStation users have been wanting to use. It has been a promise and it seems like it is now close to realization.

Shuhei Yoshida, is asked whether Remote Play is now coming clear, due to Sony’s connection with Gaikai. Together with Gaikai, there will be a greater possibility for Remote Play to work in an instant. It has been known to be a feature users can enjoy.  Now that PS4 has been released, will it work on day one?

An Unending Discussion: Will the PS4 Remote Play Work on the First Day?

Yoshida answered questions regarding the PS4 and Vitra to function Remote Play. Consumers have an issue of it. The issue is whether it will work with PS4 on the very first day of its purchase. This is a question that needs attention, since a lot are already eyeing on the new PS4 out in the market. Yoshida answered, “I will be heartbroken if it doesn’t [work] day one. So day one, my expectation… we have to, have all [PS4] games work on PS Vita, unless it’s a camera-only game.” That was a relief coming from the head of the company. Since, consumers have been planning to purchase the latest PS4. The PS4 will cost a certain amount and everyone deserves the best.

For people who are very savvy in gadgets of this kind, they are asking if there will be an assurance that Remote Play will certainly work on day one? As a part of the assurance, Yoshida clarified that Gakai is in the middle of working together with SCEI in particular. They want to make sure that this problem will be resolved even before the users of the PS4 reach millions in number. Nonetheless, there is no question of the PS4’s selling rate. In response to that, it will always be appreciated to get a concrete statement that the PS4 can perform with all the features Sony has to offer.

After all the discussions, it has become a threaded discussion in social media and even on blogs; unfortunately we don’t have so much information as of the moment. We will just have to wait and see what happens. Enjoy what it has to offer for now.

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