Amazon Testing its Own Wi-Fi Network

Alex Bezeau August 27, 2013 0
Amazon Testing its Own Wi-Fi Network


We all know Amazon for its Kindle Fires and as a webpage where you can find everything you need in your everyday life and order it. This company wants to be known for something else in the future and we learn they have started with Wi-Fi Network tests. This new wireless network will allow all customers to connect to the Internet through their devices. This network has been tested in Cupertino, California. So that everything can be in the right order, they used a spectrum controlled by Globalstar Inc., satellite communication based company.

The challenge is the transformation from e-commerce to developing a wireless network which will enable people to use the Internet connection. This will bring the company to a new level and create new user experience collecting information about how customers are connecting and what they do when they connect on the Internet. If Amazon succeeds in its intentions, it could be accompanied by Google because this company also has been trying to get involved into the wireless industry. Google has already secured its capabilities into this industry because it has already built fiber-based networks in few bigger cities, 17 to be precise.

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We’re aware that Amazon constantly tries to get into every technology market possible. It’s not clear if this time they are serious about it. This information came from market analysts who are very much familiar with all operations by this company. They have moved deeper into these wireless services while competing with other tablet makers like Apple and Google. This company has managed to make their Kindle Fire with wireless connectivity.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants to make the company a one-stop destination for all of their consumers online. This strategy will increase the sales by 27% from last year and represents the deep approach by the investors.

If we take a look to all this from Globalstar’s perspective, this company has been seeking for an approval in order to convert 80% of its whole spectrum to terrestrial use. This company has applied to the FCC for gaining this permission to provide Wi-Fi services a year ago in November. FCC didn’t make a decision yet and we could wait few months before we get it. If it gets the approval and if you keep on mind that Globalstar was the company that conducted Amazon’s network test, you can do the math by yourself and calculate their future plans.

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