What will the Arrival of the Cheaper iPhone actually Mean?

Heidi Speare August 27, 2013 0
What will the Arrival of the Cheaper iPhone actually Mean?


Apple’s cheaper iPhone is the main reason for all the rumors circulating the web these days. Many analysts have said that we can expect to see this new iPhone 5C to be revealed on September 10 alongside the next-gen iPhone 5. It will cost less than the original iPhone and it will be made from plastic having similarities with the iPhone 3GS. More details about the price or its specs and features are still unknown but as we are getting towards the rumored release date we can expect getting them real soon. The biggest question now is – what will the arrival of this iPhone 5C actually mean?

Some market analysts have begun speculating that Apple will ditch the iPhone 4S as the least-expensive device coming from Apple replacing it with the upcoming iPhone 5C. Others are saying that this 5C model could even replace the current iPhone 5 and instead of being the cheapest, it will be offered as a mid-range option. While doing this, the iPhone 4S will remain on the market as the lowest-cost device. If you have doubts whether buying the 4S now or waiting for the 5C, the price shouldn’t matter to you because it’s very hard to tell what will be Apple’s price strategy at this point.

Ditching the iPhone 4S will mean ditching the 30-pin connector. Apple hasn’t done anything to make the lightening connector compatible with the older devices but this connector represents the future. My point here is that you will be able to use every accessory that came with the previous devices except for the charger. This is possible with some other mechanisms, such as the Bluetooth. I understand that some of them don’t support the Bluetooth capability and your investment to all gadgets that use 30-pin connectors will be lost. The bright side of the whole story is that every new accessory will have a lightening connector and you won’t need to make another acquisition for a long time. If you want to keep your old 30-pin accessories useful a bit longer, Apple is selling 30-pin Lightening adapter that you can use for this purpose.

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If you ask me, the sooner you get rid of your 30-pin device and accessories, the better for you.

When it comes to the iPhone 4S, we can all agree it was released two years ago and buying it now for $99 over 2-year plan or later for free, won’t make much sense. This is when the iPhone 5C could take over the spotlight.

You might be okay having 2 years old device because some people think the iPhone hasn’t changed much and the iPhone 5 isn’t a game changer.

But here’s the deal. Apple has introduced the iOS 7 which completely changes the look of your iPhone and it doesn’t matter if it’s older or newer. This is great, your old device will look completely new but what will you do when Apple releases a new update that will be optimized for newer components and you won’t be able to change your device for another 2 years to feel the advantage? – I know that the look on your face has changed now and you can see my point of getting the low-cost iPhone 5C.

If you still can’t decide, here is another example why you need to wait for the iPhone 5C. This device will be cheaper than the high-end iPhone 5S but still, it will have a fast processor and better features than the iPhone 4S. It’s more than just a smart move to get the newer technology than buying outdated stuff.

Cheaper price tags on the iPhones are always attractive but only when you consider buying last year’s model. Purchasing a 2-year model with a 2-year deal is like locking yourself into the past. The bottom line to this is to wait a little bit more in order to see what the next iPhones have to offer and if you want to get the low-cost option then choose the iPhone 5C. Many analysts don’t expect this phone to be available in the U.S and if they are right about this, than you must go for the iPhone 5 as the lower-cost option. It would be worth it.

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