Facebook’s Newest Addition – Shared Photo Albums

Alex Bezeau August 28, 2013 0
Facebook’s Newest Addition – Shared Photo Albums


If you are into uploading a lot of images on Facebook here’s something this social network has to offer to its picture upload fans. This social network has announced its newest feature called “Shared Photo Albums”, which will allow multiple users to upload images to just one album. You can share this album to 50 contributors who can add up to 200 images. If you are the album creator, you can even choose a setting to allow these contributors to invite their friends to this album or retain an admin power to control these invitations. This is a perfect feature in cases when a few friends go on different summer vacation and want to share their pictures in one album, or they all had cameras on the same location and want to exchange all the pics they took. Before this, only users who have created the album could upload photos to it and the limit was 1,000 pictures per album. This feature comes with three privacy settings attached to it: Contributors, Friends and Friends of Contributors. This gives the user who has created the album control over everybody that has access to these images. This was announced by Bob Baldwin, Facebook’s software engineer and co-founder of this project. Baldwin explained that those who have created the album will have the power to modify or delete photos while the contributors will gain the editing power only to those photos which are uploaded by them. This feature is unavailable for albums created within pages. It was built during a hackathon session where all employees leave their everyday tasks aside and work on new platform prototypes. These sessions are exciting experince for all Facebook employees. Many of them spend  a week before this session in order to brainstorm more prototype ideas with their colleagues. According to Baldwin, the Shared Photo Albums idea was based on feedback coming from many users circling among Facebook employees.



After the decision to make this project work, Baldwin and its colleague co-founder Zhao, have sent an invite to all employees before January’s hackathon. They’ve gathered many engineers to be contributors to this project and many of them have been working really hard to make this work. This project will be really useful for those people who are going to group events often. Baldwin added that the most exciting thing when you create a product at this company is that you aren’t sure how will people react to it. They are really excited about the launch of this feature because they expect people to use it in many ways. This won’t stop here because both, Baldwin and Zhao, said they want to develop this even more in future. We could see the 200 photo limit increased in near future and they hope to add a mobile feature for creating these shared albums. Facebook reported that they will test this feature to a small group first, before releasing it to all English users and shortly after that, the worldwide release will follow. Do you think that this new feature will take image uploading to a whole other level or many users will consider it useless? I think it will be the next big thing Facebook users will get addicted to.

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