Developer Receives an E-mail confirming the September 10 Release of iOS 7

Jasmina Lozevska August 28, 2013 0
Developer Receives an E-mail confirming the September 10 Release of iOS 7

The most rumored date for iOS 7’s release has just been confirmed, thanks to an e-mail sent to a developer. We can say that we were almost sure that this will be the date when we are going to see the final version of this operating system. September 10 was the most rumored date and not only that the iOS 7 will be released on this event, but two more iPhones are also expected to be revealed. You already know that the next generation iPhone 5 is rumored to be revealed on this day and we could see the new low-cost iPhone 5C.

The receiver of this confirmation e-mail was Owen Williams, NDEV developer, suggesting that the final version of iOS 7 will be released to the public on September 10. This means Apple will give all people the most awaited first peek to this operating system. The e-mail is signed by Nuance, which has been working very closely with Apple for the past period of time and surely knows the official release date.

Apple could be thinking about a “day-off” release which will be a move that have been already executed with big success for some of the previous devices. However, this has never happened with the iPhone and you know how they say: there is first time for everything.

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Apple has revealed the iOS 7 at its annual conference event held in San Francisco earlier this year. Since then, we saw couple of beta releases for developers in order to make it as perfect as they can. This company even gave people a chance to experience the completely changed iOS through its official web page. We could see many features that could change the whole experience that we had with its predecessor. Many people have said that this will be the first exciting moment after 2007 when Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone that changed the whole industry. Will the iOS 7 have the same success as the iPhone and change the industry at this point? – We will know for sure after the official public release.

Apple was always secretive about their future plans and reveal dates but this time they have let the iOS 7 release date slip out of their hands. This is not a big deal because many sources have already been sure that this will be the release date. However, we can’t be 100% sure that Apple will release the iPhones on the same day. If you know Apple very well, you already know they are full of surprises.

What will happen on September 10? – Share your expectations in the comments section below.

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