Check out the Video for LG’s G Pad 8.3 Tablet

Sara Cunningham August 28, 2013 0
Check out the Video for LG’s G Pad 8.3 Tablet

After we saw LG G2 and agreed that they came up with something great that represents the future, this company now confirms that they are working on a tablet. This device will try to increase LG’s market share and it’s the first tablet we are going to see since the Optimus Pad LTE. The confirmation comes in the form of a 2-minute video trailer that shows LG asking people about their ideal tablet.

From what we could see in this video, LG tries to show us a tablet with full HD screen that measures 8.3 inches. It will have a very thin design and users can connect it to Smart TVs. All the consumers who have been surveyed in this video shared their point of view for the best tablet. They have shared some key features they want to see in next generation tablets. The most required features were perfect tablet size, weight and design.

Many of them have said that their tablets are too big and heavy to carry around the house. When asked what would they change in order to make a tablet better, they  answered that they will increase the speed of opening and closing apps and will add a small factor that will made them easier and more mobile to carry them when going on holidays or work. The consumers have required a tablet that will be able to connect with other smart devices like computers, phones and TVs.

LG-G-Pad 8.3

LG didn’t reveal any specific details about this tablet but we can conclude that its next tablet will be light and thin in order to make it easily transported. The message is clear and we can expect a tablet that will be enormously fast, packing great processing speed and will offer amazing HD video experience when connected to other smart devices. Users will be enabled to sync it with Android based devices and of course, other LG products.

According to the video description on YouTube, LG will deliver a large screen with high quality that would be essential for watching favorite programs. They also said that it will be made bigger than the others that will make it difficult for carrying with you. According to them, small and light tablets are great for holding with one hand but the company addressed that gaming isn’t fun on a smaller screen. LG warned that we must be prepared to get amazed of its next device.

After you watch the video trailer below, you can use the comments section to share your expectations for this tablet.

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