The Xbox Team will get a White Xbox One? How Cool is that!

Wayne Bond August 28, 2013 0
The Xbox Team will get a White Xbox One? How Cool is that!

People seem to love white-colored devices. I don’t mind having white gadgets, especially  a white Xbox device.

Guess who else won’t mind getting a brand new Xbox One device, dressed in white? The whole team that works on this lineup by Microsoft. I guess they kind of deserve this gift, after all of the efforts they’ve put into making the Xbox one of the best gaming consoles of the modern era.

If you believe you’re an Xbox gamer and you are waiting for Microsoft to announce that this gaming console will be available in both black and white, you can quit waiting because you are not getting one if you are not employed in this company.

If this report happens to be true, Microsoft will offer a brand new white version of the Xbox One to its employees. This comes from Reddit, which posted an image of this gaming console. On the image, we can clearly see white Xbox One and a list which says that only the Xbox team will get one. This poster indicates that the image was leaked by a person who works for Microsoft’s Xbox Team.

xbox one white

If this rumor is true and white Xbox One goes to employees’ hands, they will get the console covered in white alongside a white controller. The only difference is that the Kinect will remain with the standard black color. There are no further details if there will be some other design changes because from the picture we weren’t able to notice any. This is only a rumor and still, the white version of the Xbox One can’t be verified at this time. We can put this in the box with the other rumors and you can be sure that if white Xbox One exists and it’s given to the Xbox team, it won’t take longer to see it hitting the retail stores.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on this and if they come out with a report, we will update this story. Until then, keep on mind that the Xbox 360 was offered in both black and white versions and had great success on the market. There isn’t any reason why Microsoft should keep the white version only for its employees and it doesn’t make any sense not offering to the public.

Microsoft still hasn’t unveiled the official release date of this gaming console leaving gamers guessing. We saw that the Xbox One pre-orders will include FIFA 14 and the company is set to release 20 more games on the official launch date. However, Microsoft said that this number is not final because more games are getting prepared at this moment and more could be set for releasing on this date.

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