Creative Taiwanese Animators Did a Better Launching for Sony PS4

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0
Creative Taiwanese Animators Did a Better Launching for Sony PS4

Apart from the funny video of VidegamerTV regarding the PS4 launch, succeeding parody is expected to follow. Give way for the Next Media Animation who created a different video, citing the major fail on the said event. Next Media Animation is a group of creative animators from Taiwan. The video obviously emphasizes on its features that are not even shocking anymore.

Sony released a confirmed statement in the event that it resembles a body structure like of a PC, has the latest version of shock controller and has an advanced PS GPU. It also contains an 8 gigabyte memory and a local hard drive for storage.

Creative Taiwanese Animators Did a Better Launching for Sony PS4

The video will come up with a question whether you would want to buy the new PS4 or stick to PS3 instead. It features the Dualshock 4 Controller which was said to be the only hardware mentioned. Also, there is a share button, which will allow your friends on Facebook to see you playing live. Sony claims this to be an ultimate powerful PC, which is a good thing to know. But why is the console unspotted on the same event and it’s bothering to know that the price weren’t disclosed? These are the information you can get from the video by our creative animators.

The video is considered to be a slap for Sony. The event failed to show the PS4 console and again to mention there wasn’t even a clue given for the price. Through this video, someone can come into realization not to buy this release. Even for some who now have PS3 may think they are better off with it, at least there is not much of a need to upgrade to the latest version. It is also amazing to think that Sony was able to deliver all the features it has to offer without the presence of the console. Have you heard any event without the main casting? Furthermore, the video was a mockery for Sony to take, for the conclusion was a bit awkward but true.

No matter what the intention of these animators is, we know that it was worth the time. If only Sony had known this coming, they would have prepared a lot more. Sony could have extended the schedule of the event. Make sure everything falls into place and not to forget the PS4 console itself must have been present.

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