Sony Xperia Z1 “Honami” Is Sony’s Aggressiveness in Technology

Jaycee De Guzman August 28, 2013 0
Sony Xperia Z1 “Honami” Is Sony’s Aggressiveness in Technology


Sony is definitely unstoppable right now and is trying to win the race over Samsung and Apple. When was the last time the company released a new smartphone in its Xperia line? Yes, it was just this January 2013 when the Sony Xperia Z Ultra was launched and it’s been selling great until now.

But Sony is trying to prove that it can definitely compete with the ability of Samsung to design, produce and release smartphones a number of times in a year. Sony is expected to release another flagship this September 2013 and it’s not just another ordinary Xperia handset. It’s the Sony Xperia Z1 “Honami”. From the name itself, we know it’s going to be a very powerful smartphone having a “Z” in its name.

There have been reports that leaked the specifications of the new handset and it’s worth sharing to all of the smartphone enthusiasts in the world. It is set to be launched in Germany this September 2013 and it would just be in time for the IFA event. At the same time, it will be released in some parts of Asia on the same day, September 4, 2013. It’s rumored to be regionally launched in Malaysia and these sources are already confirmed.


It’s still going to be a 5-inch Xperia smartphone with a quad-core processor, which is still going to be a Snapdragon one. Don’t be surprised, it has a camera of 20.7 megapixels and can already record videos in the famous 4K resolution. Pairing the quad-core processor is a 2GB of RAM, which is already enough to make the quad-core handset perform smoothly. It has a built-in memory of 16GB, which is surprisingly expandable by using a MicroSD card. It’s a surprise because most of the Xperia handsets don’t have expandable internal memory storages.

It’s said to run Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and is going to have a 2-megapixel camera in front. It should be water and dust proof like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. However, we have not confirmed reports about the matter yet.

Definitely, Sony is being aggressive in bringing the best of what they’ve got in the market today. The said press release is also in time for the Christmas season wherein most of the people would buy new gadgets as gifts or personal use. The price tag of this handset isn’t released yet and we’re about to know it a few days from now.

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