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Organic Light Emitting Diode or more popular as OLED, is the next technology that will take over the TV market. It offers better motion reproduction and black levels than plasma. Samsung is the latest company that launched an OLED TV and we are looking forward seeing it in our home. The Samsung KN55S9C offers the best picture ever seen on a TV. This 55-inch TV will go on a sale for $9,000 in the United States. We have tested this TV to its limits and here is our full review for this new Samsung OLED TV.

1.    First Look

When you unpack this TV, you will see what Samsung has been telling you about its Timeless Arena frame. You need to attach that stand piece which is slope-shaped in order to give it the proper stability. Into the box alongside the TV, you will find many accessories like 2-pairs of 3D glasses which comes equipped with built-in earbuds, remote controller, batteries, IR cable, user manual, power cable and microfiber cloth for cleaning.

This TV weighs only 68.1 pounds (30kg) and it measures:

  • Wide: 58.8 inches
  • Tall: 30.6 inches
  • Width: 14.2 inches

The most noticeable part on this OLED TV is the Timeless Arena frame. This design space gives you space for camera and speakers. According to many analysts, this was a totally unnecessary part that gives seven extra inches to the total width. It takes away the smooth device and thinness which is OLED’s most important selling point. We can say that it has a unique design but it might not meet everyone’s criteria.

samsung oled tv

2.    Features

Samsung has included everything you can think of in this TV. Smart touch remote, voice recognition, gesture control, Smart TV platform – you just name it. You already can guess what these features can do because we’ve been over them couple of times. We’ll try and stay focused to its unique features.

The first pit stop is its one connect cable and input box. You will be able to connect all of your devices into this little box and then with a single cable run them on your TV. I guess you have been searching for this ever since you’ve seen a Smart TV. You can say goodbye to all those cables which are present around your TV. This input box has 2 USB ports, 4 x HDMI ports, component input, Ethernet slot, 2 x AV inputs, audio digital-optical out, 1/8 audio out called mini, IR Output and AV RS232 control.

This TV makes the evolution ready, according to Samsung. There is even a slot that enables Smart Evolution kit which advances Samsung’s processing capabilities and software platform. This TV can be modernized and upgraded just by installing this Evolution kit.

Another great feature is the Multi View. If you can’t get along with your wife or your children brother and etc. when it comes to TV programs, using this feature will allow you to watch and listen different programs at once through the 3D glasses with its built-in earbuds. These glasses are programmed to show only one program and the audio is delivered wirelessly. This feature works really great and its real selling point for those who have problems viewing desired programs.



3.    Performance

The most important and biggest selling point is its performance. Finally we got down to the real “thing”. This TV has the ability to perform things that we’ve never seen performed on any other TV and it does them really great.

We’ll start with what OLED is known for, its black levels. These levels are going deep as your eyes are able to see. In a test with 0 IRE pattern, this TV has gave result of 0 or no light. Samsung’s people who are only here for testing, have said that they have used an advanced equipment and got it to 5 decimal spaces before they declare it as good. When you reach this level, you know that you’ve made something special.

Brightness levels are also great. This curved OLED TV was measured with 40 foot-lamberts which means that it can give you an insanely bright screen. Alongside brightness, this TV gave amazing contrast and color results. The colors were rich, accurate and very well saturated. When you set it up to default settings you will see red and orange levels that you have never experienced before.

Motion resolution didn’t come as a surprise here but Samsung didn’t leave things go just like that. This company has included special motion resolution called Cinema Smooth. This addition allows you to decrease or increase the intensity blur with its additional sliders and even inserts some deep black frames in order to prevent blur. The only catch here is that Cinema Smooth reduces the brightness of this TV. You won’t have any problems keeping this setting while watching a movie in dark room but those who prefer extremely bright room will have difficulties.

samsung oled tv

4.    Overall

If you haven’t found your perfect TV just yet, Samsung KN55 S9C is the real deal for having an amazing TV performance. We can say that the price will “play” the biggest role here and as we were expecting to be more expensive than the $9,000 mark, it still can be placed at the high-end market. It’s not made affordable but you can’t be expecting that this will happen with any other OLED TVs that will be launched in future. Samsung wants to remind us how good can an OLED TV be.

You will want to buy this TV if you want excellent brightness and black levels. If you couldn’t find wide color space, decent sound and Cinema preset from any TV out there, Samsung KN55SC OLED TV reports on duty. However, this TV has some flaws, too, like the Timeless Arena frame that adds up few inches to the TV and the Cinema Smooth feature dims the brightness, but they’re not a dealbraker.

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