Samsung Ativ One 5 Review

Jasmina Lozevska August 30, 2013 1
Samsung Ativ One 5 Review

If you were wondering when is Samsung bringing a new touch-screen PC, it seems like the time has come – meet Samsung Ativ One 5. When you first see it, you will think that it represents the next generation Galaxy Tab but it’s just the latest touch-screen PC coming from Samsung. The company hopes that this device will be your next favorite TV, office and media center. It looks really similar to the Galaxy Tab with full HD display and powerful quad core processor. The only thing that will stop you from buying it now, is that this all-in-one PC is unavailable and Samsung didn’t reveal when it actually will be. There are not even details about the price but we are showing you the latest available information about it.


From its front side, this touch-screen PC looks just like the Galaxy Tab devices. It’s covered with glossy white color along with thick bezel that surrounds the screen. Around the edge, you can find the very same chrome-effect that Samsung uses in most of its tablets and smartphones. If you are a fan of Samsung’s devices like the Galaxy Note, Tabs and S4, you will fall in love with the design. However, if you prefer a metal structure as Apple’s MacBooks and iPhones, you won’t think this laptop is a nice-looking one.

The white color looks really great on this PC but its kind of overpowering. It definitely fits right in your office instead of being hidden and unused somewhere in your living room. It comes attached to a white stand which is designed similarly to that chrome ending on its edges. This stand is very solid and works perfectly when you are bending or flexing it.

samsung ativ one 5

The back is where connectivity happens. On that wide glossy plastic, you can find all your ports. You will notice two 2.0 and two 3.0 USB ports, SD card slot, audio jack, HDMI out and Ethernet port. Alongside these, there is an HDMI in port which allows you to attach Blu-ray players or gaming consoles. That way, you will be using this PC as a TV set.


At the end of the day, it’s all about the screen. The Ativ One 5 is equipped with a 21.5-inch screen that offers full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It’s designed to give you a perfect view when displaying full HD videos when connected to a Blu-ray player or streaming YouTube videos. The display is sharp enough to get you through all computing tasks.

The UI looks really crisp and gives sharp edges around app icons. The text looks really good and the display should be perfect for social networking, videos and other family or working needs.

Software and Hardware

Samsung Ativ One 5 runs on Windows 8 full version and it allows you to install the ordinary desktop software instead relying on applications that you can find in the application store. Windows 8 gets the major 8.1 upgrade soon and it will be free for all users to install it. Of course, the Ativ One 5 is included in this list and you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 right after you set it up in your home or office.

Under the hood, this all-in-one PC has an AMD quad-core processor. The performance is still unknown because we haven’t performed any usual benchmark tests. We plan to make another full review when this PC arrives and after we get our hands on it. This powerful processor should have a great power efficiency to perform all daily tasks.

samsung ativ one 5


This glossy grown up Galaxy Tab device will only be favorable by those who are supporters of Samsung’s products. It’s clearly a nice all-in-one PC that has enough features to make a whole family satisfied. It can be placed comfortably on a surface with its stand and students could find a good PC device in it. The only thing that remains is Samsung to offer it with affordable price.

There are some speculations that this PC will be available in late September or early November but still, these suggestions are only rumors that are circling around. Samsung’s focus is turned toward September 4 when we can expect the new Galaxy Note 3 and featured smartwatch called Galaxy Gear.

Share your thoughts about the Ativ One 5 in the comments section below and share with us your price expectations.

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  1. Jeremy  August 30, 2013 at 8:48 pm - Reply

    It has a reported price of $1,400 in New Zealand which would be $1,085 USD

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