Twitter Improves the Conversation Feature on Users’ Timelines

Jasmina Lozevska August 30, 2013 0
Twitter Improves the Conversation Feature on Users’ Timelines

Smartphone users have already seen the update information on their OS application stores indicating that Twitter needs to be updated. Both mobile OS platforms, Android and iOS, have been updated alongside its desktop version. This comes after we saw a couple of updates improving the security of the site implementing two-way authentication. With this update, Twitter has improved its timeline with brand new view of the conversation.

Conversation has been the main characteristic that describes Twitter. People have been feeling the need of gathering in a public virtual field where they can talk about sports, current events, gadgets and other. If you were using Twitter, you probably had the feeling that these conversations were hard to follow. Twitter has decided to change all that with this update claiming that it will offer you a much easier experience.

This new Twitter now brings you a chronological order of a conversation to your timeline. You can say goodbye to those tweets who are shown randomly and without any order on your screen. The first three tweets of a conversation will be connected by a blue line and if you want to see the rest you just need to tap on a tweet. For some, this has been only a small upgrade but on the other hand, it’s a big deal that will make following a tweet overloaded page much easier. Only by looking at your page, you won’t feel the difference because tweets will float around like before but this time with smaller push.


This update includes few more sharing features. You can now e-mail the whole conversation instead just some individual tweets. This feature is only available on the web page, not the mobile apps. Your friends can now be outside of Twitter and still read the conversational tweets. Through Android’s application you can share a tweet through a direct message.

Android users can now use the report tweet button which has been added in some of the previous updates but only to iOS. Twitter is into the works for making the experience of this application easier and better for those who are using Android on low-end phones like Samsung Galaxy Y and HTC Explorer. Now, this application uses only the half of its size and it runs smoothly on phones that have small amount of storage. The company has reported that they will continue to work on these improvements that target low-end Android based smartphones in order to make Twitter accessible for everyone and anywhere in the world.

Twitter optimization for feature phones has been a key because this social network plays a really big role as an organizing tool in smaller countries.

With these updates, Twitter is improving its whole system and their approach to its users. People started using the mobile apps more than the desktop Web page these days and the company tends to improve more of this in the upcoming period.

Is there anything that you want Twitter to improve? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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