Microsoft Confirms October 18 as the date of Official Windows 8.1 Release for Consumers

Wayne Bond August 30, 2013 0
Microsoft Confirms October 18 as the date of Official Windows 8.1 Release for Consumers

The long awaited Windows 8.1 has finally been related to an official release date. You can be sure that this isn’t one of the other rumors that involve this operating system because now Microsoft has confirmed it. The official release date when we are going to see the Windows 8.1 Blue released to consumers is October 18. This was brought up yesterday while the company announced that it has shipped its Windows 8.1 to manufacturers.

This comes a week after we saw CEO Steve Ballmer announcing its retirement as a head of this company that could change the company in future.  While everybody in Microsoft is still searching for its proper replacement, the consumer official release date of the long awaited Windows 8.1 is finally here. It will come just few days before the Windows 8’s 1-year anniversary.

The process of releasing this OS is totally different than we’ve seen with its predecessor. Last year, Microsoft let both developers and regular consumers to try the new Windows 8 before its release. This year everyone will get the first look and access to this new updated version on the same day.

According to the corporate VP for the Web Services of Windows, Antoine LeBlond, this is mainly because Microsoft is still finishing up the system. In its blog post, LeBlond said that Microsoft must evolve the way to firstly develop and then release the final product because it will release updates more frequently. Currently they are working with their hardware partners in order to release few Win 8.1 based devices to the public right before the start of holiday season.

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LeBlond added that they will stay close to their partners and while they are developing these devices, they will work on putting some final details into place on its OS. Windows 8.1 comes equipped with several notable changes that will improve the experience that people get from Windows 8. Microsoft didn’t have a great success with this OS because it was more criticized than used. The 8.1 version will have much of the same touch-based interface and brings some older features that haven’t been included in last’s year OS version. People will get back the most required start button back and they will be enabled to boot right from the desktop. Microsoft claimed that Bing will be built-in this OS and consumers will be enabled to customize system tiles easier.

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