Flickr for iOS Lets you Use the Filters Before Taking Photos

Heidi Speare August 31, 2013 0


If you have ever imagined how it would feel like to use filters before you take the photo, Flickr brings your thought to reality, importing exactly this feature. This company has updated its iOS application and users can now apply filters before even snapping their photos. This update has been released Thursday and this Yahoo based sharing service also offers you editing tools for image, customizable features and brand new camera option like exposure lock and focus.

Filters have been popularized by several applications like Instagram, owned by Facebook, and Flickr, owned by Yahoo. They are inevitable when it comes to photo shooting and adding different look or style to an image. Flickr has been trying to catch up with the other popular mobile apps improving its features. This new version will give people effects before even taking the photo. This is good because people can now see the effects in advance and shoot the perfect picture. This is enabled with live filters and alongside them, Flickr has added few new ones and even lets people to customize these filters.

This new app version also adds several features to the camera app which is supported only on iPads and iPhones. Grids can help you keep the level of horizon and all photographers can exposure and lock focus. This features came according to the posted description about the app. Alongside these new features, there are few new editing tools like adding vignettes, adjusting all tonal levels, color adjusting, cropping and sharpening.


Android users are still unable to see this new updated version of Flickr but they should receive it pretty soon.

Yahoo has been trying to bring Flickr to a new level and we can see that they are on a good track for doing that. Flickr has lost its competiveness in a fight with all of the other apps and websites which are new in the photo market. Flickr has been missing its competitive edge which was brought in the early stages of this app and the mobile revolution, as well. Since it has been purchased by Yahoo, we can expect lots of great things and improvements to follow. CEO Marissa Mayer has begun the turn-around for Yahoo and it’s was said that their focus is turned towards the photo-sharing industry.

Go ahead and update the fresh version of Flickr through your App Store.

This update of Flickr is the best thing that happened to this app. People started avoiding it and using Facebook’s Instagram more often. We can expect old users to return to their Flickr accounts and start using it again.

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