Ultra High Definition Video Recording coming to Galaxy Note 3

Alex Bezeau September 1, 2013 0
Ultra High Definition Video Recording coming to Galaxy Note 3


All rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy Note 3 may be closer than we expect and we started hearing some features that has never been included before. This, so called phablet, could be unveiled on September 4 and the newest rumor about this device involves a HD 4K video resolution. It was said that Samsung has implemented this feature into this device and it will be able to record videos with this 4K resolution. If you ask us, Samsung has the power to do it but this feature will be left out for some future plans.

The rumor comes from The Korea Economic Daily and it says that the Galaxy Note 3 will be the first phablet which will include UHD video recording. We are only few days away from seeing this device unveiled and some other rumors are coming up to the surface. According to the source, the recording feature will offer 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution video capture. If you thought that this is futuristic, the device could be assembled to offer 24-bit/192KHz audio playback. This is way ahead of its current 16-bit audio which can be found in its predecessors.

UHD video sounds really great and people will definitely go crazy over it because we haven’t seen a smartphone/tablet to record videos at this resolution so far. It’s really hard for us to believe that this has been considered because there are many questions which need to be answered. The Galaxy Note 3 must have an enormous storage capacity in order to hold all that recorded videos. It’s unclear what will be the main purpose of these Ultra HD videos if you keep in mind that 4K TVs had a long way to becoming popular among buyers.

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This is just one of those rumors that must be left aside because it doesn’t make any sense. Even if we put it that way and see this feature included in this phablet, many users will not even look at it because they won’t have where to broadcast that UHD video. Today, 4K TV sets cost a fortune and majority of the people can’t afford it.

Samsung has scheduled its “Unpacked 2013 Episode 2” event on September 4 and it will take place in Berlin. We could expect this company to unveil this device alongside its much rumored smartwatch called Galaxy Gear.

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