HTC Preparing its own Mobile OS Targeting the Chinese Market

Sara Cunningham September 1, 2013 0

Just like the other bigger tech companies, HTC too wants a piece of the Chinese market. As the source says, this company wants to make a new step and build its own Mobile OS. We’ve seen tech giants competing with each other and now the competition has been tightened with one more spot. Developing a whole operating system is not an easy task to do and we hope that HTC will come up with a great product. At the moment, Android is dominating this market segment.

This Taiwanese company is expected to launch its mobile OS by the end of this year. The report comes from The Wall Street Journal. This mobile platform would be a part of the effort to take its place in this market because the demand for smartphones has been growing rapidly. This comes after we saw Android-based HTC devices failing to keep the pace with Samsung that dominates with its own platform.

There are no details if this operating system will be closely attached to Android or some other platform. According to WSJ’s reliable sources, this software is expected to offer a huge integration with Weibo, microblog service in China, which will help them to get the respect among Chinese consumers. Although this company has many employees who are native, it’s a newcomer to this country and appears to be smaller than the local vendors which already have taken bigger slice of the growing market.


The smartphone demands has been most notable this year after we saw the smartphone sales doubled year after year. For the previous quarter, China has marked a third of the whole smartphone shipments. 238.1 million devices have been sold for this three-month period of time. According to the latest data from Strategy Analytics, Samsung is the leader here with 19.4% market share. Lenovo comes third while Coolpad and ZTE are following at third and fourth sport, respectively. Huawei with its 9.6% holds the 5th place and Apple is 6th holding 3.4%.

HTC sees this OS building project as an attempt to get deeply into the market in order to build business and political ties in this country. We’ve seen several reports that Chinese users have been addicted and dependent on Android and maybe they are hungry for something new and local. HTC isn’t the only company that wants to get into the Chinese market with its own OS. Acer also tried to do the same thing building Aliyun which went directly at Google’s Internet company Alibaba. Acer has quit after Google threatened with ending the partnership between them

The Chinese mobile OS market is already crowded because people are enabled to choose from various alternatives. They include Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish OS. This report is still in the air and we will see how it will develop in the upcoming weeks. HTC has the power to build its own OS but we still need to see after some time whether this would be a smart move for a company of this caliber.

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