A Review of Foursquare for Android OS

Jasmina Lozevska September 1, 2013 0

Right since it came out, Foursquare became a popular application and that includes all mobile platforms. Every version offers slightly different features and our pick for the review is the Android version.  With this app, you can check-in to all your visited places and keep tabs on your friends who have done the same thing before you. It offers you an easy way to find new locations while you are on the move and get special deals and discounts from partner businesses if you became a mayor.

In order to start using this app, you will need to set up and login with your personal account. If you don’t want to make an extra account, you can use your existing Facebook log-in credentials for a quick setup. This is the feature that separates the Android version from the Windows Phone version which doesn’t require an account. Once you get through the log in, you will see the home screen and the main check-in button placed on bottom. Along these features, you will notice an activity feed, search bar and several recommendations. With opening the menu bar which is placed on the left, you will see the rest of the navigational options.

The best way to discover hot spots

Foursquare is the best way to discover hot spots around you. It offers numerous ways how to do that. The most used and obvious way is to search for one or tap the Browse menu where you will see all businesses scheduled in categories. It offers you to narrow down your search by several criteria as Offering Specials, Open Now, Distance, Price and few others. My advice is to use these tools whether you are searching for a nice place to eat or some cheap locksmith service.

The business pages on this app are full with useful information and it has its similarities with Yelp. You won’t find full reviews of a certain place because it offers only the istory of all check-ins, quick tips left by those who have been to this place and checked-in using Foursquare. Alongside this, you will find photos, menus, address, and phone numbers. You can also leave a tip directly on the business page or give it a vote with Like or Dislike.

Lists also play a big role into this application as they offer you how others have categorized businesses. You can find user-created lists showing you the best burgers in town. You can create your list version, too.


This is the feature that made Foursquare so famous. The interface has been created to offer you an easy experience while performing a check-in. Without searching for tips and tricks how to do it, you are able to see that big Check-In button on the bottom of the screen. That’s the easiest way to do it. After you press it, you will notice that your location has been shown automatically alongside few popular sites around you. If your target is shown on the list, tap it and perform the check-in, if not, you must search for it through the search bar.


Right from the check-in menu, you will be able to tag your friends with you, upload photos, and add comments. There are also social network sharing options that enable you to share your activity to Facebook or Twitter. Right after you perform the check-in, the app transfers you to the business page showing you photos and tips about that place.

Deals and points

Performing check-ins in order to show your friends where you are now, Foursquare offers some other fun elements attached to it. By checking in around the place, you are earning badges and points which are collected on your profile for using them later. If you check-in enough times from a single place, you might get the “Mayor” title that has few benefits. Some businesses even offer a discount if you perform a simple check-in and others are offering free drinks if you upload photos to this app. You can find these offers from the Specials screen on the Browse menu.


Foursquare is a powerful option to interact with all businesses and social networks while you are visiting a place. The interface lacks few options which will make the experience even easier but still it’s easy enough to get you through the optional features. The app makes it easy to check-in at different locations, share quick tips search for special deals around you.

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