Apple Will Let Users Trade their Old iPhones for a new One

Wayne Bond September 1, 2013 0
Apple Will Let Users Trade their Old iPhones for a new One

Apple has a solution for all iPhone users who got an old iPhone. Don’t get too excited because it’s not as good as it looks like at first sight. For the first time ever, this company will offer its users to exchange their old smartphone devices for a credit that can be used for buying a brand new iPhone version.  This report came from multiply sources and it’s very likely that we will see this chance finally offered by a company like Apple.

MacRumors was the loudest in these rumors and citing its sources, all employees in Apple stores have been trained to do some new program. It’s more likely that will see this program introduced on September 10 when it’s expected two new iPhones to be revealed. This will let all iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and even iPhone 4 users to trade for the new iPhone 5S.

This isn’t the first time to see such a speculation because in June, Bloomberg has reported that Apple has been collaborating with Brightstar, a recycling company, and the refurbished handsets could be resold in budget markets everywhere in the world. During a recent earning call, Tim Cook has said that the company is not interested into this but he is not against these trade-in programs. Cook said he likes all that environmental aspect of these programs and he already saw some channels like Verizon, AT&T and Best Buy doing it.  He didn’t exclude the possibility of Apple doing it sometime in the future and maybe now it’s the right time for that.


According to the sources, some Apple stores located in Dallas are already running a test program in order to see if this is successful. Other reports are claiming that people who have an older phone, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, will get a gift card that can be used in order to buy a new iPhone 5. The latest handset by Apple would also be added to this list and be traded as a discount for the next iPhone. It’s not clear if this offer stands for earlier models like iPhone 3G or iPhone 3.

Apple already uses a similar program with its mail-in rebate. However, the chance doing it in person instead of waiting for days or few weeks will be a really nice upgrade. If we take a look back at Apple’s history, the next gen iPhone will be available for sale by the end of September. There isn’t an official statement of the company whether it will release the iPhones on September 10 or not but if they did, it could be available in stores on September 20.

The rumors about Apple releasing a low-cost iPhone that will target the emerging markets are also strong and believable. We’ve seen couple of leaked images showing this cheaper version called iPhone 5C. Other rumors are saying that we will see a fingerprint scanner on the home button and gold version of the iPhone 5S.

Will trading old for new iPhone be a great deal for you? – Share your answers in the comments section bellow.

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