Reviewing Nintendo 2DS – Learning to Play without 3D Viewing

Alex Bezeau September 2, 2013 0


Nintendo 2DS has the power to provide you with a nice gaming experience and sometimes bringing conclusions with your hands is more important than judging with your ears or eyes. For me, Nintendo always has something nice to offer but people are too attached to Xbox and Play Station that they even forget there is another player in this field. Every gamer has its own taste when it comes to gaming but Nintendo is the one to blame for not showing its special abilities.

It was kind of hard for us to review this Nintendo 2DS gaming platform because it is set to launch on October 12 for a price of $130, but we did our best to bring you a brief introduction to what we will see on this date. This popular Nintendo version finally ditches that clumsy design. Instead of closing and opening the handheld as it was with its predecessors, this gaming console comes with a slate form. Nintendo has even offered a demo version of its 2DS earlier. This version had several games like Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion: DM and Animal Crossing: NL.

This device still has the same two screens but this time comes thinner and lighter. Excluding the hinges, Nintendo has moved up the handheld’s thumbstick, face buttons and directional pad. You will notice two shoulder buttons which are larger than its predecessor’s and placed on the top. The microphone has been moved to bottom left and the on/off wireless switch has been replaced with Sleep switch.

nintendo 2ds


If you still don’t believe that the slate design will give you a nicer experience, you better be prepared for it because it’s surprisingly comfortable. It fits perfectly in both hands no matter what game you are playing.

I have a slight concern, though. With the hinges gone, there is no other way to protect both screens on the devices. I’m curious how they will hold up when kids start carrying them in their bags or backpacks. The other thing that confuses me is how will 3DS games work on this 2DS gaming platform? Having 3D feature is crucial for some games and the experience won’t be the same. Many kids will be frustrated when they buy a 3DS game for this device but as long as they learn how to get over it, they will get the proper positive experience this console offers.

Just for $130, Nintendo could have a huge money maker in 2DS. If they target the affordable game option seekers they won’t have any problem selling it. We still haven’t fully tested this gaming console and for that purpose, we need to wait for its launch on Oct. 12.

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