Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 – Bad Resolution but a Good Price

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 – Bad Resolution but a Good Price

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is the latest device coming from the Galaxy family. It represents a large smartphone and we can definitely place it in the ‘phablet bucket’. If you want this device to be yours you will most probably find it affordable, with a price starting from $149.99 over 2-year AT&T contract. It seems like a goog option for those who seek a smartphone and tablet experience in one device. This device is something close to the Galaxy Note devices but it comes without a stylus.


This device looks quite similar to the Galaxy S4 only it’s a bit bigger. We can say that if you’ve seen the S4, then you know how the Mega looks. The Mega’s dimensions might leave you with your mouth open because it’s a giant in the smartphone world. Its measurements are – 6.6 inches tall, 0.3 inches wide thick and 3.5 inches wide. It’s slim enough and this is good for such a device to be handled with easiness. You won’t be able to use it only with one hand and it doesn’t matter if you have big hands or not. However, its rounded corners and really smooth plastic surface makes it easier to handle than its competitors.

You won’t be able to carry this device with you in your front pockets.

galaxy mega 6.3

The screen size of this giant is the feature that gets the most attention. The Mega packs a 6.3-inch LCD display. This display is enormous and surprisingly, it doesn’t offer the quality we have expected to get. The resolution is awful and when compared to the Galaxy S4, which has a pixel density of 441ppi. The Mega offers a poor pixel density of 233ppi and a resolution of 720p.

Software and Features

Like any other Galaxy smartphone, the Mega also runs on Android OS version 4.2.2 JB. The software has the special Samsung Touch Wiz layer. With this feature, you’ll get many home screens and quick settings menu in your notification center. Samsung’s interface brings you some traditional features like S Beam, NFC sharing and many other sharing tools. You will find the Air View, Driving Mode, Smart Screen and Voice controls and tons of other gestures.

As for other features, Mega supports Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth alongside some other personal tools like calculator, calendar, Maps, Search and many more. You also get access to the whole Google Play library filled with apps and other things for entertainment.


Samsung decided to include an 8-mpix camera on this device which is a step down from the Galaxy S4. The camera has autofocus, LED flash and the famous layout that gives you an easy experience when you want to turn on the features. If you get deeper into options, you will find the white balance, self timer and resolution choices.

Mega has few modes that we’ve already seen on the Galaxy S4 such as panorama, HDR, sport mode, continuous shot and etc. The camera performed really well when it comes to outdoor photos, offering rich and vivid pictures. For its price, the Galaxy Mega stands for a good photo performer.

galaxy mega 6.3

The phablet can shoot 1080p HD video with 30 fps frame rate. The video quality is smooth, has some great colors and a great focus, as well. This device has a 1.9-mpix front facing camera made for video chats.


Under the hood, the device is powered by a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 400 processor alongside with 1.5GB of RAM. We are not really used to seeing this kind of an equipment coming from Samsung, but we have to agree the performance was not bad. It has a 3,200 mAh battery that is enough to get you through a whole busy work day. It will give you 18 hours on 3G/4G and great talk time. We have to note that your battery will last depending on how often you unlock it.


If you were searching for a smartphone/tablet that has a great price, has a huge screen and runs on Android, the Mega is a good choice for you. It has an 8-mpix camera and using it like a TV remote comes as a plus. If you can’t handle big-sized devices and you don’t want to see poor resolution that is unusual for a phone this big, you must skip this device. Overall, the device is a great choice for under $200.

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