Google Glass Coming Out by the End of 2013

Jasmina Lozevska February 24, 2013 0

The worldwide popular search giant Google has announced that the arrival of their newest tech breakthrough, called Google Glass, is supposed to happen somewhere at the end of 2013. The company has also revealed that the gadget will be priced less than $1500, leaving the rest of us guessing the exact price the gadget will be given at the end of this year.

Google Glass is an extremely futuristic eyewear that will aim to make people’s life easier as it will represent a sort of a personal computer that users would be able to take advantage of it without using their hands. Glass will be able to receive voice commands and perform tasks such as searching the web, providing directions, taking photos, shooting videos and using Google Now’s services.


The concept of Google Glass was introduced last year and it immediately intrigued the tech world. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Glass is the possibility to be connected with Android and iOS devices. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, Google Glass will be able to collect and use data directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.

I’m not sure whether consumers are ready to walk around with this gadget on their faces, though. The device does not look very fashionable and differs from ordinary glasses, as the typical eyewear people wear. It’s sure unique and very useful, but I’m afraid most of us will be skeptical when it comes to gadgets that would somewhat change our whole appearance.


Google Glass seems to be a fantastic revolutionary revelation and sure signifies one enormous step forward in technology. The company is currently working on refining the gadget, so we do hope the final product that will hit shelves in late 2013 will be something that most of us will find useful and easily manageable.

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