Apple iPad Mini 2 – Specs, Release Date and Rumor round up

Wayne Bond September 2, 2013 2
Apple iPad Mini 2 – Specs, Release Date and Rumor round up

We have entered the last month of Q3 and might just be days away before Apple officially unveils the Apple iPad Mini 2. The original Apple iPad Mini was available in the market since November of 2012 and it’s about time that the Cupertino based company lets us choose between more than one iPad Mini depending upon our requirements.
The Apple iPad 2 was a big hit because of its slim profile and lightweight body. It completely thrashed the original iPad that now feels like a brick in the hand. And an almost similar scenario came up when Apple unveiled the iPad Mini. The Apple iPad Mini was half the weight of the iPad 2 and a bit slimmer as well, but did not compromise a lot on screen real estate. It had the same display resolution but with a better pixel density, conclusion – the iPad Mini was a hit in the market and demand for the same kept on increasing.
But now, Apple consumers have got so much used to Retina Display that they are demanding the same on the iPad Mini as well. And believe it or not, this as been one of the biggest reason why Apple fans and consumers are either waiting for the iPad Mini to have a retina display or are going out an buying the New iPad instead.

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We have potential good news for those consumers who are still waiting for the retina display enabled iPad Mini. It’s about time and Apple should be unveiling the iPad Mini 2 very soon. And now starts the interesting part, the specs you have been waiting for. Even though we do not have official information about the hardware, we will not let go this chance where we can come up with a spec sheet that is expected to be present on the new tablet.

Apple iPad Mini 2 (Keys Specs and Features)

  • 7.9-inch touchscreen display
  • 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution (retina display)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass protection
  • Oleophobic Coating
  • Apple A7 chipset
  • Dual-core processor
  • PowerVR GPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP primary camera
  • 1.3MP front facing camera
  • Apple iOS 7

Apple has already started cutting down the prices of the iPad Mini, and a number of offers are being mad available by online stores and retailers. It would be safe to assume that the iPad Mini 2 will be announced in October and will be available in the market by month end or latest by November. But this also means that consumers looking forward to buy the regular iPad Mini will also be able to save good amount of money.
So what are you planning to buy, the Apple iPad Mini at a better price or the retina display enabled iPad Mini 2, which will most probably be priced in the same range as the iPad Mini was originally. Let us know in the comments below.

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