Apple iPhone 5C production line and packaging images leaked – coming soon?

Sara Cunningham September 3, 2013 0
Apple iPhone 5C production line and packaging images leaked – coming soon?

Recently, leaked images of the Apple iPhone 5C has once again been spotted on the Internet. But this time, it’s not the internal architecture or a video that shows off the features of the device. This time, we get to see the iPhone 5C on the production line or to be more specific, in the packaging process.
The Apple iPhone 5C has been one of the most interesting products to come out of the rumor mill, and when it did, the news spread like wild fire. Ever since consumers came to know about a budget friendly iPhone being developed by Apple, many have been waiting to check out the device before making their buying decision.

iphone 5c 1
Not every consumer has the privilege of simply buying a smartphone he wants and then simply change over to another one because he did not like the first one. So for such consumers, the Apple iPhone 5C could be a good way to become a part of the Apple ecosystem. And for such consumers, we have good news – the Apple iPhone 5C is coming to the market very soon.
As you can see in the below images, Apple seems to have already started packaging the iPhone 5C. The Apple iPhone 5C will indeed be available in a variety of colors and the packaging tells us a lot more as well. Similar to the latest generation of Apple iPod Touch, the iPhone 5C will also be available in a range of lively colors and will also have matching wallpapers and backgrounds.
To add to the flavor of the color, Apple will also be supplying matching oval-shaped documentation and SIM ejector tool. So if you though it was only Nokia who knew how to be playful and colorful, think again. But like always, there is one point that you still need to keep in mind. The images are low resolution (but that’s not the point) and most importantly it has not been confirmed whether they are legitimate or not.

iphone 5c 2
Unfortunately, there is a chance that these images and scenarios have been made up, but we are still hoping for the best. Reports and rumors of the Apple iPhone 5C have come a long way, and the hype has already been created. The iPhone 5C might be the only way for low and mid-segment consumers to be a part of the modern Apple smartphone ecosystem. The only other way is to get your hands on an older version of the device like iPhone 3G or at best the iPhone 4.
So if you have been holding on to your money, you should know that the expected release date for the iPhone 5C is September 10. The budget smartphone will be launched along with the new flagship, the iPhone 5S and both of them will run on iOS 7 out of the box.

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