Samsung Galaxy Gear images leak ahead of launch event

Alex Bezeau September 3, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy Gear images leak ahead of launch event


Just days before the official unveiling, leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch have surfaced on the Internet. These images give us a first look at the Galaxy Gear in action and at the same time confirm the presence of a camera on the device.
The IFA even will commence in Berlin on the 4th of September. This is the event where Samsung is expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. A number of reports and rumors about these two devices have been coming up on the web, and it’s about time that the devices hit the market for good.
But thanks to Venturebeat, we are able to check out the Galaxy Gear days before the unveiling. What you see in the images here is a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and Venturebeat has already spent a lot of time playing with the device and checking out its features. A number of specs details were given out and we have them listed for you right here.

samsung watch 1
The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch watch, called the Galaxy Gear will have a 3-inch OLED square shaped display. The screen resolution is unknown but we just have to wait for one more day in order to find that out. The Galaxy Gear showcased here is black in color (and we believe it will also be available in other color options, at least white) and has a 4MP camera and built-in speakers in the strap itself.
The 4MP camera can be used to record health data as well as take quick pictures as per your wish. The built-in speakers will be used for notifications and other purposes like music etc. (but that’s a long shot). You can even control the device with your voice, making it an assistant that will help you monitor and manage your smartphone. But you will need the S Voice app in order to do so, so we believe that you will need a Galaxy smartphone in order to get the best out of your Galaxy Gear.

watch 3
If you haven’t guessed already, yes the Galaxy Gear will be able to connect to other smartphones as well. It has rich connectivity features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that will also allow the watch to sync call logs and support social media integration with Twitter and Facebook. But to provide features like these for an entire day, the device needs a good battery. And Samsung has taken care of that as Venturebeat claims that the watch can go on for up to 10 hours of standard use.

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