Verizon has no Intentions of Expanding to Canada

Heidi Speare September 3, 2013 0
Verizon has no Intentions of Expanding to Canada


There were many speculations about Verizon coming to Canada but it looks like people living there won’t be able to take advantage of this network anytime soon. This company is one of the major carriers in the U.S. and according to Lowell McAdam, the CEO, they are not going to enter this country’s market. With this, he put an end to all speculations saying that Verizon will expand to several countries by the end of this year. It looks like this company had enough with the recent purchase of Nokia’s part in Verizon Wireless for $130 billion.

All rumors started at the beginning of this summer and it’s been three months of guessing and speculating that Verizon might come to Canada. The Canadian telecom is dominated by three carriers: Telus, Rogers and Bell and as we heard, they joined forces in order to keep Verizon out of their field. They have sent an open letter to start a campaign asking the Government to change the rules and make the telecom unattractive for other carriers.

Verizon’s entry in this market would put a huge pressure on these carriers where users are paying $70 per month for a 1GB data plan. These players, who established themselves in this area for the past few years, have felt threaten because a competitor of this caliber was about to enter into their market. The scary part was that this carrier will purchase all failed wireless startup companies for a cheap price while the 3 major Canadian companies are forbidden from doing the same thing.



However, they can now rest assured and compete with each other because Verizon isn’t going to expand its services to Canada. The main reason for not making this move hasn’t been unveiled but we assume that this carrier has bigger plans in mind now. We can say that if Verizon isn’t making the move now, maybe they will be interested in January because the Canadian Government announced two moves for improving the telecom market. They have said that there will be an auction for its 700 MHz spectrum and bringing foreign investments for some of the smaller telecom companies. We can see Verizon entering Canada’s mobile industry in 2014 like one of the investors or biding for the 700 MHz spectrum.

This will be totally opposite from Lowell McAdam’s words but when did a company of this kind ever revealed its future plans?

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