The World Welcomes Back Dashwire of HTC – To Cater All Android Devices

Sara Cunningham February 24, 2013 0

It is not just a launch; it’s the re-launch of Dashwire! It is owned by HTC, the leading Taiwanese company in bringing the globe the latest Android devices. HTC focuses on the quality of technology it is serving the users. It is known to be very keen in creating various smartphones in the market. It also has a growing number of consumers globally.

The World Welcomes Back Dashwire of HTC – To Cater All Android Devices

Dashwire was launched a few years back but suddenly went out of the spotlight. Of all the large variety of Android phones in the market now, we thank HTC for bringing it back in the market, though this is not exclusive for HTC alone. This serves as good news to everyone who is having a hard time with their Android devices. The said technology will assist consumers around the world. It will make it easier for consumers to customize their non-HTC Android devices. Setting up an Android device is much easier.  According to the statement of the company’s CEO, Peter Polson, they are not just selling but helping make the lives of Android users easier. “We’re not simply selling software; we’re re-launching as an initiative to build a movement, making smartphones more accessible and useful for millions – if not – billions – of people.

As said, it is not solely serving the users of HTC mobiles but will cater other brands. At the same time, Dashwire will partner with different mobile operating companies in the whole of U.S.A and the entire Europe. That would mean the software will be able to assist a first time user to someone who is switching to a different brand. It is expected to cater all types of brands.

Android device companies and mobile operating companies in the U.S and Europe are free to contact Dashwire at Also, for detailed information about the product, check


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