Google Glass Owners will Get their app store in 2014

Jasmina Lozevska September 4, 2013 0
Google Glass Owners will Get their app store in 2014

If anyone was lucky to get their Google Glass version by now, they are taking advantage of many applications through this wearable gadget. It includes software from Twitter and New York Times. However, in order to function properly and so can users take a full advantage of the gadget, it needs its own app store. This device hasn’t been available for the public and it seems that Google will try to officially launch it in early 2014. The following year won’t be reserved only for the official launch of the Glass because Google has some other plans on mind.

This company has revealed its plans for launching its own Glass App Store alongside the launch of the gadget. This report has been posted during the weekend and according to the New York Times, the Glass App Store won’t launch until the official launch date of the headgear itself. Right after this report, Google has confirmed that this will happen with Marketing Land. The app store is an essential addition for a gadget of this kind and we all know that it’s all about the apps. What’s more, I believe Glass users belong to a special kind of extravagant persons, which makes me think they won’t be satisfied with only several available apps.

The search engine company has been secretive when it comes to further details about the app store. There were no details given if the Glass app market will be individually created or it will be fully integrated with Google Play Store. If we get some additional information related to this question we will update this story. We expect lots of reliable sources to dig more details about this very soon.


The Glass was first introduced back in 2012 and since April, 2013 Google has been distributing device units only to members of the Glass Explorer program.  It also allowed several selected consumers as well as developers to get their version for $1,500 in order to get an early access to this gadget. Even though the device isn’t available, Google hasn’t stopped working on it and updating it every month. It added some new goodies, improving existing features and preparing it for a public release.

Giving the consumers the Glass app store where they can download new software for their device is of a great importance. If they succeed to launch it alongside the public Google Glass launch, it would be great and it will attract potential consumers even more. We can’t say this was surprising enough because we could expect pp store to be included somewhere in the process. We received a partial confirmation from Google for their plans but we still hope that this company will come out with an official statement for the app store possible existence.

If you ask me, I’ll go with tight synchronization with the exciting Google Play Store making the developers making apps which are specialized for the Glass. This means adding another category for Glass related apps and we are done. I know that it looks easier than I think but I believe something similar will come out as a final result.

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