Leaked images show Apple iPhone 5S packaging, September 10th event just few days away

Alex Bezeau September 7, 2013 0
Leaked images show Apple iPhone 5S packaging, September 10th event just few days away


Recently, leaked images of the Apple iPhone 5S packaging have surfaced on the Internet. The images showcase the Apple iPhone 5S box in white color and a black colored iPhone 5S print on the top. We are just days away from the official event on September 10th, so it seems that Apple is already ready with the products, as usual.
Yes, we know that Apple always likes to do things differently. The company has not been able to keep a lot of secrets when it comes to the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. In the recent past, leaked images revealed packed iPhone 5C units ready to be shipped. Courtesy of the source who posted multiple images of the Apple iPhone 5C, we came to know that the packaging will have a matching colored back and a matching wallpaper background on the top side.

5s packing 1
Now something similar has happened with the iPhone 5S packaging – the images are out! If you closely observe the side of the box, you can see that it actually says ‘iPhone 5S’ with the S being printed inside the square with rounded edges. This is the exact same way in which the iPhone 5C boxes were packed and also the same way in which a Chinese website advertised the smartphone.
The Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be the next-gen flagship device of the company, a major improvement to the current iPhone 5. The Apple iPhone 5C on the other side is expected to be a budget smartphone targeted towards mid-segment consumers who have been turning to Android and Windows. The packaging itself confirms the amount of difference between the two devices, but if they are priced correctly, Apple might be able to take a big bite out of the smartphone market.
Apple has already been losing lot of market share and smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Sony (especially Samsung) have bagged huge number of consumers in recent time. As a result, Apple has to fight back and open up their target base in order to include mid-segment consumers (and may be low-segment consumers as well).

5s packing 2
The Apple iPhone 5S will be available in Black and White as standard, but rumors say that the device will also be available in Golden and Gray color options. The Apple iPhone 5C on the other hand will follow Nokia’s trend and offer a number of lively color options like Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green. As mentioned earlier, we are just a few days away from the event. So now is the time to sum up all expectations and look forward to the event.
The event will take place in Cupertino on the 4th of September. We will be covering the event for you, so be sure to check back later for some next-gen Apple goodness.

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