Samsung Galaxy Note devices cross the 38 million sales mark

Alex Bezeau September 9, 2013 0


Samsung CEO JK Shin has confirmed that the company’s Galaxy Note range of smart devices have crossed the 38 million sales mark. The company CEO made the announcement at a press event during IFA in Berlin, Germany. The total of 38 million includes the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2.
This will be interesting news for Samsung fans and consumers. The company’s Galaxy Note series of devices have reached a new milestone, and the number will just keep on increasing as time passes by. The good part about this news is that the Galaxy Note series of devices will keep on reaching new milestones and the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will just add up sales in a positive way.
At the event, JK Shin also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales are expected to cross the 10 million mark. We assume that this is a milestone that the company expects to reach within a month or so. “10 million units will be sold” said the CEO, and we know that he meant business when he said so.

note 1 and 2
The Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 have been a big hit in the market, so much so that many consumers still preferred the Galaxy Note 2 even after the Galaxy S4 was available. For some consumers, cost might be the reason but for many, the prime reason was the longed battery life and the S Pen features.
But now, the Galaxy Note series has evolved with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And it’s time for the Note series to claim the title back from the Galaxy S series. We know that the Galaxy S4 has been the best selling smartphone ever made by Samsung, but things are about to get a lot more excited, especially for the Korean company.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has proved to be a major upgrade when compared to the Note 2, and we expect all Galaxy Note fans and consumers looking to shift to a phablet to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 3. We know that the Samsung phablet has a lot of competition – LG G2, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC One Max and many more. But we will soon find out how good of a battle these competitors put up.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet and the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be available for purchase in a number of countries. It will be available in 149 countries starting from the 25th of September and in America and Japan in the month of October.

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