Apple Launches iPhone 5S Today, Rumors to Be Confirmed

Jaycee De Guzman September 10, 2013 0
Apple Launches iPhone 5S Today, Rumors to Be Confirmed


Today, all eyes are on Apple as the iPhone maker is set to launch its new products in an anticipated event in Cupertino, California. The launch will highlight the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C and the iOS7, which will try to prove that the technological giant is still on its feet, and is still capable of developing trend-setting innovations. Below are some of the key information you need to know about the new iPhone 5S and what to expect from Apple’s new creation.

S Is for Security

The most notable of improvement of iPhone 5S from its predecessors is its built-in fingerprint scanner. Apple hasn’t disclosed the exact functionality of this feature, though it goes without saying that the scanner will be used to authenticate a user when turning on or unlocking an iPhone 5S. Because of this significant upgrade in hardware and software, everyone expects that iPhone 5S will be much expensive than expected.

Apple Launches iPhone 5S Today, Rumors to Be Confirmed 2

Nearly Lossless Zoom

The iPhone 5S is also expected to feature a dual-LED flash. It may sound like a minor tweak, but it could mean better pictures despite varying lighting conditions. To complete the camera upgrade, iPhone is also rumored to be using 12 to 13 megapixel rear camera from Sony. This could mean less loss in image details and clarity when zooming in on a subject.


Minor Hardware Change

Following Apple’s unspoken tradition, the new iPhone 5S would have a heavy resemblance to its older brother, the iPhone 5. The only prominent change will be the ring detail around the home button. This mirrors its new fingerprint scanning technology and is enough to distinguish iPhone 5S from other previous iPhone models.

Playing With Colors

It looks like iPhone is now ready to break from the monotony of its Black and White varieties. In fact, leaked iPhone parts from China hinted that the new iPhone 5S will come in a “champagne gold” design, which surprised a lot of expectant iPhone fans. If this were true, Apple could use the said color variety to increase and to secure their market share in Asia.

These rumors are yet to be confirmed once the complete specifications of the new iPhone 5S becomes available to the public. In a few days, more information about the innovative Apple smartphone will surely surface on the internet, including first-hand reviews from people who will get to try the handset during the launch. Until then, we can just imagine how the iPhone 5S really looks like and what new features it has included in its arsenal.

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