Final Expectations for Today’s Apple iPhone 5S Launch

Jaycee De Guzman September 10, 2013 0
Final Expectations for Today’s Apple iPhone 5S Launch


The official launching event for new iPhone models is just a few moments from now. Different rumors have been circulating already for several months prior to this event. A lot of people are already talking about the features they want to have with the new iPhone models. Let’s have a short round up first before we concentrate our eyes with new devices to be launched in this much-awaited event.

iPhone 5s, the Best iPhone Yet

Apple has been known to launch a new iPhone every year. Moments from now, the iPhone 5s is expected to be presented by an Apple executive. A lot of expectations are already made for this device. It is rumored to have a better camera and a processor compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 5. Another anticipated feature about this iPhone 5s is an added security enhancement. Rumors on the internet showed photos and articles that the new iPhone model will have a fingerprint scanner which will improve its security features. To make it more exciting, the sensor was said to be placed on the home button. Aside from the fingerprint sensor addition, iPhone 5s is also expected to be available in another color – gold. This will be the flagship phone from Apple as expected.

Final Expectations for Today’s Apple iPhone 5S Launch 2


The iPhone for Everyone: iPhone 5c

Another expected device to be launched by Apple today is the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c is said to be the budget iPhone. This model will serve the taste of some price-conscious customers who want to have a taste of the famous smartphone without spending much. This will not have the most advanced specifications but it is also expected to be a good one as this iPhone version is said to have the present chip – still a good move for Apple to attract entry-level consumers. Plus, this iPhone model is expected to be available in various colorful back covers.

iOS 7 on New iPhones

Apple’s new iOS update was already launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. However, the iOS 7 update is not yet available for everyone since its launching. The iOS 7 is said to have radical changes that resemble features same with the Android platform like the pull-down notification and settings bar. In addition to that, a new music service will be included on the iOS 7 – the iTunes Radio. This new Apple software will be first installed in the new generation of iPhones to be launched today.

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