Fingerprint Scanner Rumors Strengthen As iPhone 5s Launch Approaches

Jaycee De Guzman September 10, 2013 0
Fingerprint Scanner Rumors Strengthen As iPhone 5s Launch Approaches


New iPhone models are expected to be launched in a couple of hours from now. Some are already expecting some big changes on the new iPhone 5s. This new feature has been rumored for a long time since Apple was seen making preparations for security enhancement. The corporation has been observed to prepare for this change since last year. One of the most awaited and anticipated improvements for the new iPhone 5s is its additional security features.

Months of Preparation for Fingerprint Scanner 

The new iPhone 5s has been rumored to sport the new security feature. This was caused by different actions Apple has made since last year. During the year 2012, Apple has been reported to have bought Authentec, a company producing identity management software and fingerprint sensors. This move started the fire about rumors of integrating fingerprint technology on their devices in the future. Furthermore, Apple has also been reported to have filed a patent application at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The agency also released a copy of the patent application and its illustration in July of this year. Their sensor is said to be able to identify a person’s fingerprint and finger and match it with the registered owner’s credentials.

Fingerprint Scanner Rumors Strengthen As iPhone 5s Launch Approaches 2


Starting a New Trend in Smartphone Wars

If in case this rumor is true, this will be another landmark for Apple. A lot of smartphone manufacturers are struggling to improve their security features. The addition of fingerprint scanner will leave a trail that Apple’s rivals will surely follow. According to some tech agencies, some companies are also already working to add fingerprint sensors in their Android-run devices. However, these devices are yet to be announced.

A New Function for Home Button

The fingerprint sensor is said to be placed on the home button according to some leaked iPhone 5s photos on the internet. This just means that the sensor will work every time the user places his or her finger on the home button to unlock the iPhone. This new function will put another life to the iPhones home button.

Improved Security With the New Feature 

This new security enhancement will surely make a mark in the smartphone industry. This will bring an end to the traditional four-digit passcodes of iOS devices. Aside from putting ease in accessing the device, this will also cause difficulty in hacking and accessing stolen iPhones in the future.

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