Trade in Your Old Smartphone and Save up on Your New One at Walmart

Jaycee De Guzman September 10, 2013 0
Trade in Your Old Smartphone and Save up on Your New One at  Walmart


If you are planning to change your current smartphone, there’s a deal which will help you save up for your new device. New smartphones today are still pricey so it will be very beneficial to trade in your old one in order to have your new device at a discounted price. There are a lot of smartphones out in the market. Surely, there will be a device that will suit your needs.

Get Discounted Smartphones With Your Old Device at Walmart

Starting September 21, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores will accept old smartphones in exchange for a discount or credit for a purchase of a new device. Customers are advised to bring their old device at their electronics department offices. Employees assigned to the department will then assess the value of your device. Your discount or credit will also depend on the value of the device you are trading in.  For example, a working iPhone 5 can value for as much as 300 dollars worth of credit for your next smartphone purchase. Some phone models and brands like Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 will be assessed at 175 and 52 dollars, respectively. The range of offered credits is at 50 to 300 dollars. It’s pretty low of Galaxy S3 but there are also reports that Walmart will accept a total of 100 different smartphone brands and models.


Trade in Your Old Smartphone and Save up on Your New One at  Walmart 2

Your Choice on How to Use Your Credit

After you have traded in your old device and garnered the credit for it through this awesome Walmart deal, you now have two choices on how to use it. You can choose to avail of a new smartphone with a two-year contract with Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. You can also avail of a prepaid brand like Straight Talk for your new device. With these choices, buyers who have different kinds of budgets can decide on their purchase without having to worry about undesired conditions.

Thinking of a New iPhone? Have It Now

The announcement of this offer just coincides with the scheduled Apple launch today. With your credit from your old smartphone, you can now also avail the new iPhone model. It was really very timely. A lot of consumers will surely be tempted to get an iPhone. Whether you choose an iPhone 5C or an iPhone 5S, this Walmart deal will surely help you.

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