Gearing Up for the New Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Alex Bezeau September 10, 2013 0
Gearing Up for the New Samsung Galaxy Gear.


You know how in all those movies how the character with all the gadgets has some sort of wrist watch / phone / camera / computer? Well Samsung is looking to bring that kind of gadget to the market. Eventually someone can strap on their own little computer on to their wrist just like in those movies. Nostalgia aside, does the Samsung Galaxy Gear have any useful features that make it stand out in a market flooded with smartphones?



The Samsung Galaxy Gear does have a bit of potential. It has the ability to place phone calls but not video chat. To make any use of the phone you’re going to have to bring the watch up right next to your ear, which means twisting your wrist or head into an uncomfortable position. Not something I would want to do over long periods of time. Especially when you consider that most people will have a smartphone in easy reach. Instead of awkwardly holding your wrist to your head to try and get a message you would just need to leisurely use a smartphone. This is, of course, discounting the idea that the Samsung Galaxy gear will get Bluetooth compatibility in the future. However, that is in the future and not now. So I can’t see anyone wanting to use the phone feature.

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Samsung also felt a need to pack a camera into the watch. while it does help to round out the Galaxy Gear, it also can be a bit worrisome. Some people have already expressed concern over the camera, as just about anybody wearing one can take a photo unnoticed. Complex privacy issues that I want to get nowhere near aside, the watch’s design is a bit…. sporty. the rubber strap is nice enough, and the watch itself is compact. Not small enough to be cumbersome when operating the watch, thankfully. However the whole package comes off as a sport’s watch instead of the new piece of technology that it is. Probably a minor thing, but it still bugs me.


Sadly all these features, while nice, do not distinguish the Galaxy Gear. The market is packed with smartphones competing for your money, The Samsung Galaxy Gear is really just a glorified smartphone with very few of the capabilities and a lot of the ones it does have are awkward on a watch. Just a run of the mill smartphone has every single feature that the Galaxy Gear has and more. The camera will be better quality, the phone calls will be more natural (and comfortable), and a smartphone will have much more app support for itself than the Samsung Galaxy gear will. Right now there isn’t a situation I can think of that the Galaxy Gear would be better suited for than a smartphone. So while I really want to say that the Galaxy Gear is a great piece of tech, I can’t find a reason to grab one when everything else is already better. So until Samsung can figure out a way to make their smartwatch stand out, I’m not going to put down the money for a device that I don’t need.

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