Hackers Search for Possible Jailbreak Opportunities on iOS 7

Jaycee De Guzman September 11, 2013 0
Hackers Search for Possible Jailbreak Opportunities on iOS 7


Apple will finally release its much-awaited iOS big update on September 18. With the release of iOS 7, Apple device users have another thing to look forward for. The iOS update will be included on the 18th day release of new iPhone models, 5s and 5c. According to their iPhone launch event last Tuesday, the new iOS version will have 200 new features. This is something that will trigger existing Apple device users to update to the new version. Jail-broken Apple devices will definitely need to be restored to give way for the new update to be installed.

iOS 7 Update Available Only to Some Old Apple Devices

Unfortunately, pretty old apple devices like iPod (4th generation and older versions), iPad (1st generation) and iPhone (3gs and older versions) will not be available for the iOS 7 update. Only “newer” Apple devices like iPhone 4 and later models, iPod 5th generation, iPad mini and iPad 2 and newer versions are capable of having the free iOS 7 update.  Old Apple devices which are not available for the software update are already obsolete in terms of hardware features causing them be unable to accommodate new features from iOS 7.

Hackers Search for Possible Jailbreak Opportunities on iOS 7


Jail-breakers Now Working Hard for Possible iOS7 Weaknesses

In the United States, jail-breaking is legal. This is caused by an exemption given by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act which allows them to make modifications of different devices. After the official debut of iOS 7 that happened months ago, hackers have already started to look on the new update. iOS 7 update is set to be released on September 18 so they are already expecting huge demands for jail-break software. According to a team of software hackers with Twitter handle name “@evad3rs” working on a possible iOS 7 jail-break, they are already on the process of identifying the update’s weaknesses which will be exploited for the modification software.

Newer Versions of iOS With Tighter Security

Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult for hackers and software developers to make modifications with later versions of iOS because Apple is implementing more security features on their software updates. We can remember that jail-break software for the older iOS 6 came out several months after the update’s release because of its hard-to-hack features. However, hacking teams are already doing their best efforts to find a modification software for this iOS 7 update.

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