Intel to Power up $100 Tablets According to Its General Manager

Jaycee De Guzman September 11, 2013 0
Intel to Power up $100 Tablets According to Its General Manager


It cannot be denied that Intel has been an icon when it comes to manufacturing processors for laptops and desktop computers. It has been known to produce durable and fast chips that contribute into easier and more reliable computing solutions. With the expansion of mobile computing and the rapid growth of tablet market, the chip giant is also planning a big leap to the prospering industry. Tablets slowly taking over the top spot among mobile computing devices. Some tablets are really powerful that they can even surpass the abilities of some smartphones out there.

Cheap Intel-Powered Tablets for Everyone

Tablet prices vary according to their specifications. Price range in tablet sales is really wide. Some high-end tablets with jaw-dropping specifications are priced for more than $1,000.00. On the other hand, some basic tablets with entry-level specifications are priced as low as $100.00. The need for tablets for mobile computing is also growing fast. The price-conscious consumer bracket is also expanding together with the market growth. Because of this, Intel is now planning to supply processor chips for tablets at the $100.00 price level. According to the Intel general manager Chris Walker, the company will produce Atom-based processors for tablets at the $100 price point. His statement is also in accordance with the comments made by their CEO Brian Krzanich.


Intel to Power up $100 Tablets According to Its General Manager

Cheap Tablets Will Be Android-Run

Adding to his statements, General Manager (GM) Walker also said that tablets with lower price points will be the ones run by an Android platform. Intel Atom processors usually can run Windows and Android tablets. On the other hand, Hewlett-Packard (HP) also has an Android tablet named “Slate 7.” However, this tablet is being run by an ARM processor and is pegged at a higher price of 140 dollars.

Launching Date Still Unknown

Intel did not announce when these basic tablets will be released. The GM did not also mention what tablets it will be. However, Atom chips with higher specs will surely power tablets competing at a higher price point. These tablets will probably run by the new Windows 8.1 platform. Those chips are known as Bay Trail processors. Among the first tablets released with Bay Trail processors was the Toshiba Encore which was priced at $329. Future atom chips are expected to concentrate on powering basic tablets that will sell at the $100.00 price point.

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