Quark: Intel’s New Chip to Conquer Processor Battle

Jaycee De Guzman September 11, 2013 0
Quark: Intel’s New Chip to Conquer Processor Battle


With the whole world amazed with the new iPhone 5s powered by a 64-bit processor chip from ARM, Intel is cooking something interesting. The manufacturer of iPhone 5s’s breakthrough 64-bit processor chip is ARM, which is a close rival of Intel. They are currently making a lot of announcements at their 2013 Intel Developer Forum happening at Moscone Centre, San Francisco, California.

The New Member of Intel Consumer Chips Family

Quark is the name of the new processor Intel has announced. According to them, this is the third member of the consumer chips lineup. Quark is low-powered processor categorized as system-on-a-chip. They also added that the target of this chip will be the market of “internet of things.” This means that the chip company is targeting to penetrate wearables, bio-monitoring devices and consumer appliances. Intel is really interested in making chips for these products. The Quark processor will directly compete with the Cortex-M from ARM.

Quark - Intel’s New Chip to Conquer Processor Battle


Incredibly Smaller and Low-Powered Chip

According to the announcement from Intel, Quark’s size will be five times smaller of an Atom chip and 10 times lower in power. This will be ideal since the chip is aimed to be a part of wearables, consumer appliances and bio-monitoring devices. They believe that lighter and smaller processors make up the new trend in the market. They are avoiding what they missed on the mobile arena that’s why they are making sure that they will be one of the front-runners of this technology.

The Possibility of Smartwatches in 2014 With Quark Inside

The industry of Smartwatches is currently expanding, especially during these days. With this situation, Intel is very interested about venturing into producing Smartwatches with their new processor chip. Quark will be very appropriate and ideal in producing wearables like this. Intel CEO even boasted about their on-going works for producing wearables. Among the devices shown during the Intel forum included a prototype of a patch that can monitor EKG readings and blood pressure and a smartwatch reference design.

Another thing that Intel said about its new processor is its ability to be “fully synthesizable”. This amazing feature just means that the chip can be tweaked according to their partners’ needs. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich even affirmed the possibility of producing chips at cheap independent / third party fabs. This chip will definitely start a new trend in the processor battle arena.

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