The Games of Thrones Ascent on Facebook, Having Delay Issues

Sara Cunningham February 24, 2013 0

Games of Thrones Ascent is the latest game released on Facebook. It is based on a novel, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. The released game on Facebook has a lot of similarities with other online games. But it takes a lot of clicking to do though. It has been observed by gamers that a lot of things are on-going at the background while playing the game, for some may be a hassle, but for others maybe not. There is a need to click on a number of options, look after the timer and a lot more clicking.

The Games of Thrones Ascent on Facebook, Having Delay Issues

Though the Games of Thrones Ascent is designed as a virtual game, it still showcases the major events in the books. But even just seeing Ascent around the screen would give the fanatics a big smile on their faces. The writer has been working closely with the team within the game’s creation. He also stated that he was able to build a good relationship with the Disruptor Beam, the team that took care in developing the game. After all, they did a great job.

Martin is the writer of the book, Games of Thrones Ascent. He admits that he doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. Merely joking that the current biggest game in social media is to take care of a farm – he must be pertaining to Farmville. Has anyone of you bumped into Lord Wilfred Hobnobber? Well, Martin has confirmed that he created the character. It was also one of the reasons why he had to work closely with the team. He also admitted that it was such a great job to be with such a team of brilliant creators. It was fascinating for him to imagine how I feel to be one of the characters he has created. Considering all the decisions  and circumstances they have encountered, the game is worth the effort.

However, at the moment Ascent has been having issues with having lags. More and more online gaming geeks have been complaining with its delay. Stated that the delays have been numerous and are unresponsive a lot of times. This must catch the attention of the Disruptor Beam to fix the ongoing problem before any of the followers back out.  The Games of Thrones Ascent has been concluded to be in an unplayable mode at the moment. It appears that no one would risk wasting their time

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