Revamped Apple TV Software to Be Launched Also on September 18

Jaycee De Guzman September 11, 2013 0
Revamped Apple TV Software to Be Launched Also on September 18


Aside from the much-awaited new iPhone models, 5s and 5c, Apple fanatics will also see an improved Apple TV software together with the iOS 7 update.  According to some reports, the Apple TV software update is set to arrive on September 18 (Wednesday). The report was released into the public on Wednesday, September 11, a day after their much-anticipated iPhone launch. This will surely enhance the viewing experience of Apple TV users.

Improved Airplay Capabilities for Apple TV

Apple is not yet planning about improving the hardware components of their TV. However, their software update will do an “internal upgrading” of their current Apple TV. The software update will make an improvement to the presently available Airplay capabilities of Apple TV. The Airplay capability enables Apple TVs users to stream multimedia content from any of their devices run by iOS or Mac through the TV’s set-top box. According to reports, the change that will be implemented will make way for Apple TV users to be able to stream purchased media from iTunes Store to another Apple TV. This feature will still be available even if it is not set up with the user’s Apple ID and password. Reports also say that the content streaming does not need a local device. Instead, streaming of media will be shared directly from the cloud.


Revamped Apple TV Software to Be Launched Also on September 18

This new feature from Apple TV software update will enable the device to have capabilities same with what is being offered by the new Chromecast from Google. This Chromecast is a media streaming dongle pegged at the price of 35 dollars and was launched by the search engine giant (Google) this summer.

More Features and More Channels to Watch With New Software

According to the reports revealed last week, additional channels and improved content and functionality are what Apple TV users should also expect from the software update. Apple has been really working on adding channels to their TVs in order to entice more consumers to buy their product. The latest addition are Disney, Vevo, the Smithsonian Channel and the Weather Channel. Prior to these channels, Apple has already added some popular and frequently sought channels like HBO Go, Sky News, WatchESPN, Crunchy Roll and Qello.

People are already anticipating changes for the Apple TV. This software update will surely satisfy the upgrade-hungry users of the said TV from the popular phone and tablet company.

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