Toys ‘R’ Us to Release 2nd Generation Tabeo e2 Tablet Soon

Jaycee De Guzman September 11, 2013 0
Toys ‘R’ Us to Release 2nd Generation Tabeo e2 Tablet Soon


With the continuing advancement of technology, toys and games also improve. Kids are now inclined in using and playing with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone in replacement with their traditional toys and games. With this ongoing trend, Toy R Us also recognizes the need to produce gadgets like tablets that will be safe and child-friendly especially to those kids who are looking for a techie toy.

New Tablet for Kids in a Few Weeks

Because of the said need, Toys R Us announces that it will release a new version of their kiddie tablet. The Tabeo e2 will soon hit the tablet market next month (October 2013). The first version was released last year and it receive a remarkable response from consumers who are looking for affordable, kid-safe and sophisticated tablets for their families. An official announcement for the release date has not been made but interested customers can now pre-order through their official website. This tablet will become a perfect gift for your children especially that the holiday season is fast approaching.

Toys ‘R’ Us to Release 2nd Generation Tabeo e2 Tablet Soon


Bigger Screen, More Powerful and Safer Tablet

The new Tabeo e2 is said to have a wider screen than its predecessor. The 8-inch tablet with multi-touch screen will also be available in three different colors – blue, pink and clear. The tablet will run on an Android Jelly Bean 4.2 platform and will have Wi-Fi, a dual-core 1GHz chip and Bluetooth. Tabeo e2 is expected to have a price tag of 150 dollars. Its screen boasts a 1,024-by-768-pixel resolution together with one micro-USB cable and a charging pin which will make easier computer connection and charging with a wall socket. Tabeo e2 also improved its storage, doubling up its predecessor’s to 8GB, plus, memory is also expandable up to 64GB.

Stricter Parental Controls and More Educational Applications

The Tabeo e2 will not just serve as a toy for kids. It also helps in educating children with the necessary knowledge while growing up. Free educational games, books and programs are already pre-installed on the device so kids will immediately learn useful things right after they open the box. This tablet aims to help children with ages six to eleven. Stricter parental controls are also made available for this child-safe device. Changes will now allow parents to monitor their child’s tablet activities like seeing new apps installed, blocking unwanted applications and setting the time limit of tablet usage.

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