Intel and Google: Strengthened Ties Might Weaken Microsoft’s Windows

Jaycee De Guzman September 12, 2013 0
Intel and Google: Strengthened Ties Might Weaken Microsoft’s Windows


The announcement of new Chromebooks this week showed a strong sign that Intel is already expanding its network of clients. Google recently launched three Chromebooks powered by their Chrome OS during the Intel Developer Forum happening this week. These three devices are manufactured by Acer, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and newbie Toshiba. According to tech some analysts, the expanding ties of Intel with other OS companies might affect its current tie with Windows that is owned by Microsoft. Windows and Intel are tied up, starting with desktop computers decades ago.

Chromebooks to Run With Processors From Intel

The newly-released Chromebooks are expected to have Intel’s Haswell Chips. Owners of Google and Intel have already exerted efforts to strengthen the compatibility of their products. These Chromebooks are said to be sold at a price point lower than 299 dollars. Intel has been left in the mobile processor race. These movements they are doing just show that they are doing efforts to catch up with their chip competitors. Intel was observed to have major steps in entering emerging markets such as tablets and wearables like smart watches. It has been fortified by the corporation’s release of Quark, a chip that is targeting the wearable market.


Intel and Google’s Strengthened Ties Might Weaken Microsoft’s Windows

Intel and Microsoft Windows Alliance Is Still Alive

According to Intel head Renee James, their team up with Windows is still very much alive. However, he also said that their company also wants to offer their services and products to others who are needing them. In addition to that, he also said the Microsoft Corporation is not the only client for them. Microsoft was also known to buy chips from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a close rival and competitor of Intel when it comes to processors.

Low-Cost PC Market Is a New Interest for Intel

Some analysts said that the below-$300 market is a good arena for Intel to start with. Intel has been known to have strong ties with Windows. However, Windows is not making its name in the low-cost PC market so Intel has no choice but to sustain the needs of Google to earn profit. Chrome OS is starting a good race in the said market. This prompts analysts to say that Intel should continue to support Google in the market. Intel also ventured into developing software such as Meego but the corporation failed.

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