Apple iPhone 5S will cost more than the iPhone 5 in Europe – Report

Heidi Speare September 12, 2013 0
Apple iPhone 5S will cost more than the iPhone 5 in Europe – Report


European consumers might soon have to face a cost crisis – Apple’s recently unveiled next-gen flagship device, the Apple iPhone 5S might cost even more than the iPhone 5. So it seems that the price hike for new iPhones over the older ones is a custom Apple will continue to follow.
The Apple event where the company was going to ‘brighten everyone’s day’ has finally come to an end. And we very well know that the two new iPhones being talked about in rumors are indeed real products that will soon be available for purchase in the market. But once again, consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets if they want to get their hands on the iPhone 5S.
At the official event, Apple did not give out the pricing details for the iPhone 5S for the European markets. But the prices are not a mystery any more, because the UK based Apple store website has finally given out the details. So we have news for consumers who are planning to get their hands on an unlocked version of Apple iPhone 5S. The 16GB model has been priced at £549, the 32GB model is for £629 and finally the 64GB version has been priced at £709.

  • iPhone 5S 16GB model – £549
  • iPhone 5S 32GB model – £629
  • iPhone 5S 64GB model – £709

If you compare these prices with the iPhone 5 models, you will see that they have been increased by £20 in each case. But this is not the first time that a new iPhone costs more than the previous model. The same thing happened with the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, and that time the iPhone 5 was the newer version. And these prices will be applicable to the rest of Europe as well, so no matter which part you are in, you will have to spend a lot of money to get your hands on the iPhone 5S, at least if you want to buy it right away.

5s pre-order
But if you want buy the iPhone 5S right away and still want to save some good amount of money on the deal, then carrier subsidization is the solution for you. The Apple iPhone 5S will definitely be much cheaper when you buy it along with a two-year contract, no matter which carrier you decide to go with. We expect the device to be priced around $199 on contract. But right now, the contract details and plans aren’t available, so you will have to wait for some time.
Starting from the 20th of September, the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available in a number of regions including UK, France and Germany. The new iPhones will soon be available in a number of other countries by the end of the year. Be sure to check back later as we will keep you updated about the availability, offers and pre-orders for the new iPhones.


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