Samsung Galaxy S3 running on Tizen 3.0 spotted online; what is Sammy planning?

Sara Cunningham September 12, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S3 running on Tizen 3.0 spotted online; what is Sammy planning?

We are all familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S3, an Android smartphone that attracted a number of consumers and is still managing to do so. But how many of you ever imagined coming across a Samsung Galaxy S3 running on Tizen 3.0 instead of Android Jelly Bean?
Well if you have been waiting for such a day, you will be happy to know that the day is already here. Recently some interesting Samsung Galaxy S3 images have surfaced on the Internet. The reason why these images are interesting is because the device showcased in them does not run on Android operating system; it runs on Tizen 3.0 instead!

s3 tizen 1
For those who do not know yet, Tizen is Samsung’s own mobile operating system and the company has been working on it from a long time. But the company has not been able to come up with a version that consumers can use. But this time, the company seems to have gotten pretty serious and started testing its Tizen operating system on the Galaxy S3.
Samsung and Intel have been putting in a lot of efforts and Samsung is also preparing for the Tizen App Challenge. The Galaxy S3 shown in these screenshots gives us an idea about how Tizen 3.0 will be. The first image shows us the screen lock as well as the clock and date combo, but reminds us of Android in some way. The image also shows an S Pen type accessory being used, but we wonder whether it will be a part of the final device.
The second image shows us the numeric keypad, which once again has a plain and simple look. Both these images somehow relate to the design and style used in Android and Windows Phone operating system. But even if the design and layout is similar, the company will have to put in a lot of efforts when it comes to getting consumers to accept and try out the new operating system.

s3 tizen 2
Consumers interested in the Tizen operating system should note that Samsung had already promised to come up with Tizen powered devices. The company said that it will release ‘multiple Tizen devices’ by the end of the year. This still gives Samsung four months to come up with the smartphones that have been promised.
Even though Samsung and Intel are together trying to come up with Tizen powered devices, Samsung has been actively rolling out high-end smart devices running on Android. These devices include the Galaxy S4 and the recently unveiled Galaxy Note 3. So by the end of the year, is Samsung planning to double sales with Tizen powered devices or is the company generating unwanted competition for its own business?

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