Samsung Tries to Settle Fire With 64-Bit Announcement

Jaycee De Guzman September 12, 2013 0
Samsung Tries to Settle Fire With 64-Bit Announcement


Apple just caught the attention of the public again. Their new iPhone models recently launched were greatly anticipated by critics and fanatics. Their new iPhone 5s will have a new and improved processor different from the current iPhone 5 and new 5c. However, their closest rival will never let them catch up with the current smartphone race. Samsung already overtook Apple on the smartphone track and they are up to widen their lead and prevent the iPhone producer from gaining back its once dominant smartphone market share. This move is also associated with the attempt of Apple in gaining market share specifically in China and Japan where Samsung is a very dominant player.

South Korean Company to Have 64-Bit Phones Too

The recent launch of iPhone 5s with a new A7 chip, a 64-bit processor, really amazed a lot of potential consumers. This is the first smartphone that will have a 64-bit chip so a lot of people are interested to try it. However, Samsung also made an announcement that they will have smartphones powered by 64-bit processors in the future too. The company’s co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun told a local newspaper that future Galaxy phones will have 64-bit processors. Samsung’s latest high-end smartphones and phablets, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 both run with 32-bit chips.


Samsung Tries to Settle Fire With 64-Bit Announcement

Soon to Have 64-Bit but Probably Not This Year

The Samsung official also said that they are sure that they will adapt a 64-bit processor but did not assure a sooner launch of a new device. The official even said that a new device with the new processor will not be announced “in the shortest time”. Samsung is known to traditionally release devices from their Galaxy S-series and Note lineup once a year. So there is a big possibility that the new devices with 64-bit chips will be launched in 2014. This would mean more time to wait for Samsung fanatics out there and more time for Apple to sell their new iPhone models.

Copying Innovation Instead of Creating New Features?

A lot of Samsung critics have expressed their belief about the design-copying style of Samsung because of their announcement. Some people criticize Samsung for just following Apple’s steps in innovation and technology instead of concentrating about creating and improving their own features. Apple had already filed cases of patent infringement against Samsung because of the alleged copying of their products such as iPad, iPhone and iOS.

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