Michael Dell Vows to Invest More on Tablets and PCs

Jaycee De Guzman September 13, 2013 0
Michael Dell Vows to Invest More on Tablets and PCs


Dell, the world’s third largest PC maker, has decided to invest more on tablet and personal computer (PC) markets. Despite the on-going decline of world-wide personal computer market, Dell’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Dell, told reporters that the said market is still an important target to focus for their company. The PC market has seen its decreasing user shares since the start of improved mobile device markets for smartphones and tablets.

Regained Company Status Quo After Dell Buyout

The Chief Exec just made an end to several months of conflict and unstable status between the largest shareholders of the company after his 25 billion dollar offer to buy out Dell Incorporated. The special meeting of Dell Inc. shareholders happened this Thursday morning, September 12, at Round Rock, Texas. The 25-billion dollar buyout offer, that shareholders voted for, gave Michael Dell a go signal to put his plans into the company. However, the deal is yet to be inked at the end of fiscal third quarter. After winning the shareholders’ signal to go ahead, the Chief Exec quickly announced his plans about the tablet and PC Market without entertaining any inquiries from the reporters. The buyout deal signaled an internal improvement for the company and will surely make a development on public attention that has been very wary because of the publicized internal conflict happening in the company.


Michael Dell Vows to Invest More on Tablets and PCs

Declining Profit and Shrinking Market for Dell

Because of the still on-going internal conflict last month, Dell has been reported to suffer a significant 72 percent decline in quarterly profit. This has forced the company to implement price cuts on its products to calm down wary customers and start a trend in the enterprise market. The PC market is said to be shrinking again with rest of the months of 2013. This will just mean that the company will have fewer choices according to its investors. Dell Inc. has been a victim of rapidly rising tablet market, specifically with the success of Apple’s iPad which stole a lot attention from former PC consumers making them avail tablets rather than personal computers. The fast growth of the mobile device market has been suspected to have made the cause of the declining share of PCs in the market. However, company CEO Michael Dell is still optimistic that Dell will bounce back soon.

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