Apple Will Start Shipping the iPhone 5C in September 20

Jaycee De Guzman September 15, 2013 0
Apple Will Start Shipping the iPhone 5C in September 20


Finally, the anticipated iPhone 5S is open for online ordering and reservations. The company has announced recently that its official website will start accepting order reservations on September 13. Indeed, the company and its partners started accepting orders on Friday at exactly midnight.

Some excited consumers are disappointed because the online ordering process was set to start at exactly 12:01 AM, but the website was unfortunately available after 15 minutes of the said time. The online stores became active at 12:12 AM and had everyone waiting for a few minutes. This situation happened to the consumers in America.

However, the schedule was carefully followed in some parts of the world. The T-Mobile mobile carrier started its pre-sales sessions at exactly 12:01 AM and made a lot of people in Germany satisfied after waiting for a few weeks for the said handset. The schedule was also followed in the United Kingdom with the O2 mobile carrier as its online ordering process started just right after midnight.

Apple Will Start Shipping the iPhone 5C in September 20


The pre-sales event was also very successful in the United States for some of the big-time mobile carriers. AT&T started accepting consumer’s orders when the clock hit midnight and the same goes for T-Mobile of the United States. Everything is going smoothly for the most of the mobile carriers up to now. But Verizon Wireless and Sprint were almost an hour late in processing orders.

Sprint and Verizon Wireless consumers had to wait 56 minutes pass the hour of 12AM for them to be able to start processing their orders. The online website was not working at the time when the pre-sales officially started and orders were started to be taken at 12:56 AM. It has been recorded that the two mentioned mobile carriers still had a number of consumers that waited to avail the new iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s flagship in bringing a lower-price iPhone handset. It’s available in a bunch of colors, which are blue, green, white, red and yellow. It’s also available in two versions depending on its memory storage. The 16GB version is a hundred dollars more affordable than the handset with 32GB memory storage.

Consumers have to keep in mind that the online order processing will continue. But the consumers will have to wait until September 20. The company will start shipping the handsets to its customers come September 20. It’s the same day that the iPhone 5S will be available in physical stores.

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