HTC Settlement – Under Close Monitoring by F.T.C for Thirty Days

Sara Cunningham February 24, 2013 0

HTC, used to be known as High Tech Computer Corporation, is currently settling charges for privacy issues occurring on some of its phones discovered since the year 2011. It is a Taiwanese company which belongs to the circle of the leading brands producing high-end smartphones. It has been reported in Washington, that a number of its consumers are experiencing an invasion of their privacy. On that note, the Federal Trade Commission filed charges, with complaints from consumers that experienced the flaws, though there is no exact information if all of the users were able to experience the same problem.

HTC Settlement - Under Close Monitoring by F.T.C for Thirty Days

It all started when HTC once revised its system. Since the revision of their system, foreign applications are already allowed to be installed without any warning if it will cause future issues. By this, such application will be able to gather personal data and can even track the exact location of the handler. There are also reported cases of phone calls being recorded without the user knowing.  Another bothering situation is that due to this unwanted issue of the units, the user’s contact information, saved contacts and even the messages can be hacked. Even worse, with all the identity theft going on nowadays, it can allow access, to what we supposed to be secured data such as credit card information and saved online banking information. One case reported too, is that it allows a third party to send text messages charged on the user’s account, again without the user’s knowledge.

This is the first time that the Federal Trade Commission filed charges against a brand of smartphones. However, HTC is doing its part to resolve the problem by coming up with a reliable team that created a special security program. It will then be monitored for the next 20 years. The program includes software that will resolve any damage it has done to their customer’s security at the moment. The handlers are advised to download the software as soon as it’s available. With that, it has been confirmed that the company is now communicating with their partners and distribute the said software. This is an affirmation that the company is serious about this problem.

Though the commission agreed to settle this with HTC, it’s giving the company a 30-day grace period. Within thirty days, feedbacks from the public will be recorded and close monitoring will continue just in case the company will violate any condition of the settlement.

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