Get Yourself Ready for a Blue and Gold HTC One Soon

Jaycee De Guzman September 15, 2013 0
Get Yourself Ready for a Blue and Gold HTC One Soon


It seems like Apple is taking the lead now in releasing a handset with a gold finish. Apple is very well set to release the iPhone 5S next week with black, white and gold color options. They seem to be taking the lead as of now. But, we will never know until HTC confirms that it will be releasing its Gold and Blue HTC One handsets anytime soon.

A very reliable source based in China has leaked some photos showing off a blue and gold toned HTC One, which appears to be a teaser for everyone and could be a threat to Apple soon. It could be a threat to the company because we know how people love smartphones that are running Android operating systems right now.

The person who uploaded the images is a user of Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo is the most popular blogging website in China and knowing that HTC is a China-based company, we can conclude that the source is true. The photos were inspected by specialists and it’s almost a hundred percent authentic. It could be a sign that the rumors can be true and that HTC might be the first one to compete with Apple in releasing a gold smartphone.

Get Yourself Ready for a Blue and Gold HTC One Soon


According to the gadget specialists of Engadget, it’s not hard to believe that the leaked images are true. The user has posted an image of the HTC One enclosed in a blue-colored casing. If we could still remember, HTC Company has announced earlier that it will be bringing a blue HTC One in the market before the year ends. This is another basis that the rumors are true.

The blue-colored HTC One appears to be very chic in the photos, yet maintains its sturdiness because of its metal casing. You can still feel the quality of the hard case of the handset even by just looking at it in the picture. The golden HTC One on the other hand is not strongly gold in color. It appears to be champagne gold in the eye with a touch of blush pink.

The photos posted on the blogging website by the user are set to be confirmed by HTC anytime soon. More technology journalists are waiting for the confirmation from the company before we can finalize that it will be releasing a blue and gold HTC One before this year ends. Once it’s out, we would think that Apple might be in a little trouble by then.

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