Improved AT&T Now Catching Up With Long-Time Powerhouse Verizon

Jaycee De Guzman September 15, 2013 0
Improved AT&T Now Catching Up With Long-Time Powerhouse Verizon


Verizon Wireless has been considered as one of the most reliable and fast carriers in the United States. Different testing firms have awarded Verizon because of its outstanding performance in serving the mobile connection needs in the US. However, a recent test has discovered that a rival for Verizon is slowly catching up in terms of speed. The outcome of the test signified a considerable threat for the long-time leader in speed and reliability.

AT&T an Accelerating Carrier According to Testing Firm

In a recent study conducted by RootMetrics, a firm testing wireless connections, AT&T is continuing to narrow the gap between them and Verizon Wireless. Recent tests have shown that Verizon is still the best carrier in terms of reliability. A study started by RootMetrics in July of this is still on-going. However, halfway results that AT&T is now catching up with Verizon in terms of speed. The said test is estimated to be done at the end of the year. These kinds of recognition will be very important to each company as the race begins to become head-to-head. More companies are investing in fueling speed with advanced cellular connections and high-end consumer devices. However, network quality is still a vital part in courting and maintaining customers of a mobile carrier.

Improved AT&T Now Catching Up With Long-Time Powerhouse Verizon


Carrier Wars Going Hotter With Words

AT&T has started igniting the fire since July of 2013. The mobile carrier claims that they are the country’s most reliable and fastest network. The claim was based by AT&T from an unnamed study. Verizon Wireless quickly disagreed and proclaimed that they are still the most reliable network in the US. AT&T then replied and insisted that they are now the most reliable and fastest 4G LTE provider. They also added that they can back up and prove their claims while applauding the current status and result of the RootMetric test.

AT&T’s Resilience and Improvement From Past Setbacks

The recent result from RootMetric only showed that AT&T was able to recover from the previous troubles when it comes to network reliability and coverage. It was even worsened when the company gained exclusive rights to the iPhone. It caused them a lot of network traffic, thus, disappointing network subscribers. Some subscribers are still hesitant on AT&T but the company’s improvement efforts and investments paid off and gathered recognitions they need to attract potential customers and maintain their subscribers.

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